John “Poop” Pope better visit Steven Domian on Janssen Street in Chicago. No Shoring, No Problem.

Steven Domian is a 120,000.00 per year foreman of Water Pipe Construction. On Friday, July 23, 2021, he got a visit from Chicago’s most potent plumber. Patrick McDonough is a City of Chicago Plumber and a State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector. He also has a website that has made lots of assholes very, very famous.

Being famous when you work for the Department of Water Management is not a good idea. Sit in the background and steal the money kids.

Just some friendly advice to this mother fucker. When Mr. McDonough is on your job site, you quickly install shoring, tell all your employees to put on all their safety equipment. You put on your pretty white hat. You shut the fuck up and talk with respect.

If a member of the public asks you a question, you talk real nice. If a P.I. asks for your Plumber’s License, show it with a smile.

Steve, you walked up the chain pretty quick, so I suggest you suck some ass at Plumbers’ Local 130. Tell the BM what a badass you are and how you will need some political protection soon. Make sure you make time with the Plumbers’ Local 130 Political Action Task Force. Work hard for Lori Lightfoot. Make sure you find John “Poop” Pope and explain your actions. See what Pope did for his buddy Anthony lately.

John “Poo Poo” Pope was nowhere to be seen on Friday. He could not be located. None of the Safety Department was answering the phone on Friday. So the Department of Water Management hired lots more Safety Specialists, and none are around. What did you expect when you hire a failed Chicago Alderman anyway?

Your comments are all on video. I plan on watching your job site very, very close.

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