CBS2 NEWS CHICAGO BLM sign trashed

by Laborers Local 1092 member Steve Broumas

CBS2 News Chicago had a disturbing story on a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee trashing a Black Lives Matter sign on private property. I was stunned when I saw a white Water Department employee taking down the sign on the video. Worse yet, I knew of this employee.

I spoke to many members of Laborers Local 1092, and they support Steve; we want to remove “signs of hate.”

According to one Water Department employee, “the niggers are getting all the high ranking positions, and they sit at home injured while we do the work.” Many Department of Water Management white workers continue to slave on the job sites while the blacks sit at home with workers compensation injuries.”

The photo in the story was sent to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General long ago, and nothing was done to investigate. The OIG is so overloaded with corruption complaints; they do not have time to save us from possible BLM haters.

On Friday the 13th, allegedly, white $130,000.00 per year General Superintendent Richard P. Szorc, interviewed Steve to get the “right side” of the story. Rich felt since Steve was a model employee, why put him on paid leave. Steve was also a victim of Paul Hansen. Paul got mad because Steve parked behind Paul’s leased car and caused him to wait at quitting time. Steve made an Illinois Department of Human Rights complaint, and then nothing happened.

In respect to the black mayor of Chicago, Steve should go home on paid leave and then be promoted “City Style”.

The City of Chicago has many lawsuits due to the behavior of whites that fail to be nice to minorities. For decades, whites got away with silly tricks and conduct unbecoming a city employee.

Please see the story by Tim McNicholas CBS@ News Chicago here:

We are still waiting for Meg Vidis to answer to get off Axelrod’s lap and return calls.

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