Tell Lori Lightfoot where to put her Covid-19 Shot.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the soggy-breasted, salt-bellied Mayor of Chicago, is on another progressive lesbian rant. You think a mayor fighting for individual rights, gay rights, trans rights, reproductive rights would honor and respect a person’s personal decisions.
It should make you wonder the real reason behind her new latest demand to remove individual freedoms. Mayor Lightfoot should mind her own fucking business. Look at all the Aids in Chicago. Does Lori Lightfoot quartine all the folks that conduct personal decisions that transmit sexual diseases? Does Lori Lightfoot shut down all the drinking on street corners where twerking and wild, untamed sex prevails? Does Lori shut down all the clubs where shooting is a regular event?
Not long ago, the Chicago Political Union sold out city workers with the health program. The City of Chicago has access to much of worker’s personal information. Information such as diabetes, STDs, high blood pressure is factored into many decisions, such as promotions. Lawsuits proved Water Department bosses accessed workers’ compensation records without proper Hippa authorizations.
Most Chicago Unions do not care when it comes to worker safety, but will force Covid-19 shots? Look at the past to see the future. Just recently, Chicago Unions allowed workers to stay at home when they caught Covid-19 or had symptoms. Chicago also allowed the workforce to stay at home when someone in the crew or office was exposed. That was fine when Federal Funds were used.
At the Chicago Department of Water Management, the Workers’ Compensation medical records were spread through the department like Lu’s-Legs. Bosses have access to the documents through the Committee on Finance.
Should I print allegations that Lori has Parkinson’s disease, or Chlamydia, or Strabismus, or herpes? Should personal desires like using didoes become gossip in the workplace?
Thanks to our work, the City of Chicago has its first Workers’ Compensation case for Covid-19. Every City worker exposed to Covid-19 should file a comp benefit. The Unions like Plumbers’ Local 130 will sell you out. I know.

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