“Your a nobody”, said a Chicago Sewer Worker

The City of Chicago has another broken basin on a major street. These basins accept rainwater along the curbs.

Most of these basins are falling apart due to salt erosion. The bottom of these basins is more than five feet deep.  Most are much deeper.

Today was another multitude of job sites I have visited as part of my TV series. The vast majority of my job site visits have everything to do with Job site safety. I can address other issues if job supervisors continue their rude activities. Today I got the same old song, “I am calling the police.” I waited like I do everytime but no cop showed up.

Just like the “Hired Truck Scandal,” Chicago is in deep denial. They think having  Yoo locks like John Pope lie to the Illinois Department of Labor and control the narrative; the DOWM can keep getting away with proper job-site issues.

Today, a Department of Water Management Safety specialist arrived on the site. He attempted to tell the foreman he was wrong. I was stunned as the man failed to have a tape in his hand. How does one measure the depth of an excavation without a tape?

The jobsite had a depth of at least 7 feet, no shoring, no planks, and no plates. Who the hell would leave an excavation with loose pieces of wood on a busy road? DOWM. The foreman was told to obtain a plate by the Safety Specialist but failed to do so.

When I found out the Illinois Department failed to investigate dangerous sites, I was stunned. The main reason was inspectors at home to avoid COVID-19. Also, the idiots said I was weaponizing the Illinois Department of Labor OSHA Division.

Thank god I took pictures, measured the excavation, noted the many additional workplace violations.

Five more years of this and maybe I can retire.

Funny how a nobody stopped a jobsite cold for an entire afternoon.

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