Major Gas line hit Farragut Steet Andersonville

Prive water main contractors hit gas line

Special thanks to Peoples Gas for the emergency gas line repair at the 1400 block of Farragut in Andersonville in Chicago. The gas repair crew worked very hard at all times and completed a difficult task.

Private contractors hired by the Chicago Department of Water Management clipped the line when making water main repairs. The Chicago residents should not be home with sloppy work that causes life and death situations.

I have contacted several interested parties on the “Project Clark” water main replacement that involves four streets in Andersonville. Excessive noise, limestone dust, and questionable behavior by the crews are disturbing. Video is offensive and released on social media.

Would you mind making sure every resident on these streets does not drink city water until you obtain a free test from the Chicago Water Department? You can reach them at 312.744.7001. I am going door to door to make sure everyone receives this free lead test kit. I would drink only bottled water until the water is declared safe.

Today, I was looking for the CTR Engineer that hired to overlook the laborers and Plumber. If you see him, let me know.

Remember, wear your hearing protection all day until this crew leaves the site. Also, wear a mask, so you stop toxic limestone dust.

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