Plumbers’ Local 130 defends racism against Lightfoot

Racist accusations again rocked the City of Chicago Department of Water Management by their most powerful plumber. Mayor Lightfoot accused DOWM Plumber and Local 130 represented Plumber of sexual harassment, race discrimination, sexual harassment, and a long list of violations. The Department of Water Management is sued in Federal Court for allowing politically connected bosses to discriminate against blacks and Hispanics. These activities have been denied in Federal court, and all the blacks have not settled their cases.

Lori Lightfoot refuses to settle these cases because she is the City’s top racial offender. Lori also gets a serious amount of kickbacks from the lawyers Chicago hires to drag these cases on for years.

Just recently, lawyers for Local 130 refused to defend these allegations for reasons unknown. In the past, Local 130 fought for its members, but the many conflicts of interests with Lightfoot make this impossible. Funny how the lawyers take the side of the city time and time again. The Plumbers Union makes millions for politicians like Edward Burke and in return, get jobs and promotions.

A New York Post article exposed the Plumbers Union members for racist actions against the Chicago Mayor who was stupid enough to think white Plumbers give a shit about her. Lori is a racist and bigot. Her rhetoric and cancer inflame Chicago. Lori is spending taxpayer money and giving handouts to people that do not wait to work. Lightfoot fails to pay injured city workers.

Many City of Chicago Plumbers are aware of the racism at the Plumber’s Union in Chicago. Lawsuits were filed in the past and won. Apprentices had white students harassing black apprentices, telling them they were too stupid to be Plumbers. Blacks were told they could not do math and become mailmen instead. Blacks were told daily to become government workers. Many black apprentices failed or quit apprentice classes due to racism. I will release these recordings soon.

Not long ago, Plumbers’ Local 130 business agents went to a Pre-disciplinary hearing drunk and unable to do his job to protect the union member. On another occasion, a fat pig fuck business agent told the accused to just quit his job with the Department of Water Management. It turned out his son-in-law in sworn testimony, admitted he was the person that turned on his union brother and made false accusations so he could get the person fired. This was part of the retaliation when the “Hired Truck Scandal” was exposed.

More on this soon.

Sadly, Mayor Lori Lightfoot was subject to taunts like, “That hoe has more cottage cheese on her thighs than the Jewel Food Store”. Sad but true. Now you know why she wears men’s pants. Make sure you read the Sun-Times and New York Post on this.