Mayor Lori Lightfoot to run for Mayor Again Official Now

Mayor Lightfoot is going to run for Mayor again despite her past failures. Lori’s “Waz up Gay Chicago” reelection campaign will be announced at Chicago’s Millenium Park soon.

Chicago Democrats must reward Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her massive contracts that will refill the Democrat Party coffers. Mayor Lightfoot will have a strong Police presence ensuring the safety of young gays and lesbians. Transgender voters are the most crucial block to Lori’s success. Lori wants children to attend for grooming. Downtown anti-Trump voters are going to make this a great party.

If you have questions about the exact time of the loving event, please call 311 for more information. Please vote for Lori Lightfoot; she keeps her campaign promises such as:

Lori Lightfoot failed on every promise.

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