Please tell me if Andrew Szorc is a Stupid Polack? Jew Hater?

City of Chicago Typical Polack

The Chicago Inspector General went after Andrew Szorc a member of a famous political family. Andrew was a low-paid Ward Superintendent from the D’Amico and the Laurino-controlled 39th Ward.

Let’s get some history and the amateurs did not figure out what is really going on. Allegedly the Szorc family is part of the 32nd ward “Punching Polacks”. Szorz and his family have lived great off the patronage provided by Dan Rostenkowski. Gabinski and Matlak were instrumental in providing jobs to the “Punching Polacks” that fought ward by ward for every vote. I saw these pols working these voting stations, rude and disrespectful to every person walking in.

Allegedly two more Szorc (s) are at the Department of Water Management and have got up the ladder. If you really think clout is dead in Chicago, you are stupid. Rumors these goons worked had for Don Tomczak at the Department of Water Management. I still laugh when I see sewer workers as General Superintendents over the Water Department. Rahm Emanuel moved this family up the chain. Working for Rahm always paid well. The current Commissioner at the Department of Water Management Andrea Cheng P.E. still controls patronage but concentrates her efforts on no-bid contracts. Andrea is covered by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the worst mayor in Chicago history.

Allegedly the Szorc family parents also made it on the city payroll. The street fighters always got rewarded with jobs for their family. My problem is the transition from vote theft to a position of public service.

Who are the “Punching Polacks” you ask? Many Polish immigrants worked shit jobs such as bathroom attendants, laborers to Italian bricklayers in Chicago. At night they would go to bars, get in fights, and do it all over. It was a right of passage every immigrant would go through when they entered the big city. According to many insiders at the Jardine Plant, Robert Szorc is going to leave his position soon as General Superintendent of the North District because of the way his brother was treated.

I would like to ask John D’Amico and Marge Laurino how Drew Szorc got from the 32nd ward to the 39th ward. Amazing. I understand Richard Szorc will be leaving soon, the Department of Water Management will be worse off without him He worked hard and gave honest days work for his pay. I would watch him work that white pickup truck in front of Saint Juliana and every street in Chicago.

When the Chicago Office of the Inspector General was sent to do a hit piece on Andrew, he already was a marked man from something else. What are Richard’s ties to Julie Hernandez-Tomin then and now? Allegedly Mike Szorc took the General Foreman of Laborers exam at the Department of Water Management position. Amazing. Allegedly Szorc father went from laborer to a Department of Water Management Plumber Inspector and his mother was a sewer clerk. I would really like to think Andrew was not a Jew Hater, but a 32nd ward tough in a new world order. The new ways are really dirty and in your face, but legal.

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