Thanks to Carl Malden’s twin Chicago I.G. allows a crime spree to continue.

The Chicago Inspector General has really let everyone down in Chicago due to Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopping criminal and administrative investigations of clout-heavy campaign contributors. Lori has demanded low amounts of money so she would not have to divulge the identity of contributors. Many people helping with Lori’s campaign have received targeted Federal money for Covid-19 relief. Almost every person getting this money is black and from a single-parent household.

Lori has demanded these ladies to work her campaign in a phone call frenzy of current Chicago City employees. It was brought to my attention Mayor Lori Lightfoot has demanded all the current phone numbers from every department commissioner. I will release a call phone soon from Mayor Lightfoot’s racist River North campaign headquarters.

The Inspector General has sat on an employee at the Office of Emergency Management or Office of Emergency Management and Communications. The Department is not communicating the need for its employees to live inside the boundaries of Chicago.  Allegedly Ulises Cardenas, a foreman of electrical mechanics. He oversees employees that repair and maintain Police and Fire radio and computer communications. Many pictures show he is at the City of Evergreen Park, just outside of Chicago. He is allegedly not far from Mount Greenwood. He is close to Duffy Park after work on many days. I know many phone calls have been made to the Chicago Inspector General. I hope Mayor Lori Lightfoot allows all City workers, including the Chicago Police and Fire Department also, to live away from the crime in Chicago. I called Mr. Cardenas’s boss, and he seems to be looking the other way.

This is part one of the story.

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