Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and I.G. Cover-up Drinking at work

When the Chicago Fire Department Internal Affairs, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago I.G., and other officials cover up a story, they do a bang-up job. Instead, fresh wine and vodka are serving up the Covid-19 side effects. This is a $2,000.00-fridge used for Covid-19 medical supplies and Covid boosters.

This room is located at 3050 South Sacramento in the rear northwest corner. This room was used prior for a paint spray booth. Now it is a party room for “supply logistics”. Also known as “SLD” Supply Logistics Division. They provide supplies that any ambulance or firetruck needs.

The Fire Department took over this area about a month ago, and the booze is getting poured on city time. The city employee also uses side job tools for his second job. The outer door has been tampered with, and the alarm contacts were circumvented.

This also makes it easy to come and go without detection.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised to get inside crime under control and has failed. Commissioner Annette Nance-Holt is hiding this crime. Heads must roll. Paul Cogswell, the Assistant commissioner, went onsite and is still sitting on his hands.

This story is also not been exposed because a non-resident city worker is under investigation. Why bring attention to your residency violations? Currently, a lock is on the door, and access is denied until after the next Mayoral election.

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