Chicago Police add Outhouse to Chicago’s 5th Floor

According to Chicago Media, Mayor Larry Lightfoot continues farting in the City Suburban and refusing to open the windows until the stench permeates the nostrils of Chicago Police’s security detail. What turned out as a suggestion became a reality when an outhouse was ordered for the 5th Floor of Chicago City Hall. Workers were sick of walking into the Mayor’s private bathroom to find bowel evacuations left in the toilet bowl. You are sadly mistaken if you think it is funny to have such rude potty humor.

Lori initially milked the pandemic for all it was worth, and this plan has backfired. The outhouse will fit in with the abandoned Chicago financial district ruined by Lightfoot’s Covid 19 actions. Chicago blacks were walloped out of excellent-paying jobs in the downtown Chicago District. A lie destroyed the money-making machine. Lori has multiple reinfections of the virus, and I am not talking about STDs.

Lori told everyone to get the “Vaccines,” and they would not get Covid. Now we know this is a lie. Millions of dollars are spent on Chicago City Workers sitting at home with the virus. The infections are spread back and forth to city workers.

Most private industries refuse to pay workers sitting at home for a sickness that will not cause death. I feel sorry for all the black workers that took the shot and are sitting at home with no job or pay. The freebies have ended. Hispanics are feeling the pinch, but many refused the shot and have natural immunity.

Again, Mayor Lightfoot, if the vaccine works so great, why are Chicago City workers sitting a home costing Taxpayers millions? Where is the clout-heavy Chicago Inspector General on this issue?

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