Dave Savini nails ignorant "Pubic Servants" with "take-home" cars

dave_savini.jpg Plase make sure to connect to this link by CBS 2 News. Many Chicago City employees also abuse this privilage. http://cbs2chicago.com/video/?id=62961@wbbm.dayport.com I suggest all you Chicago City workers keep an eye out this political season for the scammers using City cars for political work. Take pictures and send them to Dave Savini. We need to save money; Daley is bankrupting Chicago with his crazy Olympic dream. I do not like to see public servants using taxpayer money for their private vacations. We all need to cut back on waste and watch public Administrators much closer. We also need to find out who is paying Daley for all his trips around the world. We need to find out if Daley is on the public dole as he enjoys his trips on behalf of 2016 Olympic bid business. Who is paying? Is Daley and his Goons going to put these gifts on his ethics statements? Do we need to? Patrick McDonough. I also hope Dave Savini does a follow up on his famous frozen fire hydrant story.