Millions of dollars are sent to suburban contractors by Daley. Chicago unemployment at all time high.

Moore Landscapes Northbrook.jpg Not a day goes by when another Chicago Taxpayer faces unemployment. Anyone upset by the loss of their job should watch Moore Landscapes of Northbrook spruce up the landscaping for his majesty King Rich Daley, Mayor of Chicago. While Chicago Taxpayers feed the meters, this contractor has special passes issued by Daley to avoid feeding the meters. In fact, I noticed this contractor illegally parked at Chicago City Hall. I asked the lady from Revenue if she is going to give them a ticket. She ran away and than Chicago Police asked me why I was allegedly harassing the ticket lady. The police officer was very polite and I explained the truck was illegally parked and I asked her if she would write Moore a ticket. I explained the revenue lady raced around city hall on the south side of the street writing tickets to everyone but this contractor. The Police officer said the Revenue lady has the option to write a ticket or not write a ticket. “It is at her discretion”. So the next time you get a ticket for anything in Chicago, challenge the ticket. Bring this picture to court. Photo by Patrick McDonough