Daley shoveling taxpayer'smoney to private companies before he skips out of office.

National Sewer Company On October 7, 2010, at about 10:47 a.m. Mayor Daley sent National Power Rodding out with City Department of Water Management employees to investigate a hole on Laurence Avenue near Alderman “Hired Truck” Laurino’s offices. The Department of Water Management employee allowed this company to attach a hose to the Fire Hydrant with-out backflow protection despite Municipal Advocates General’s multiple demands for Water Safety in Chicago. The end of the hose was sticking into the hole made by a sewer wash-out. Many people wonder why they get sick after drinking Chicago’s water. The city engineer was informed by me, channel 7 news, and the Chicago Department of Environment of the multiple violations to Chicago’s drinking water requirements. Nothing was done. The engineer said, “the department is still working on complaints I have made before”. If you review the websites watched all day by the Plumbing Inspector in charge of these contractors, you will find complete and total negligence to the taxpayer’s drinking water. Also, the Chicago Office of the Inspector General is not investigating due to lack of manpower and Daley’s mismanagement of the Department. The Federal Government has let all of us down due to politics. I am still waiting for an interview into complaints made about Smith contractors. I am still waiting for an investigation into the water quality tests from a high rise building on Diversey Avenue. How many more cover-ups can the department continue to make? Private contractors left caution tape, belt buckles, sand, debris, with wood dirt and leaves for people to drink in water mains. Daley departure cannot happen soon enough, time to look deep into all these political hacks destroying Chicago. Photo byPatrick McDonough an his day off, again.