Free Food for Chicago poor now! Dominick's Dumpsters Madison and Halstad

Chicago Poor Dumpster Diving1.jpg Today, I enjoyed a ride around Chicago’s “Greektown” until I ran into this scene. A couple of men were taking food out of garbage cans located at a Dominick’s Food Store. There was quite a bit of food the men took and loaded into their car. I was surprised by them taking milk and I was concerned for their children. When I see things like this, I hope people tell Mayor Daley what is really going on in the street. People in Chicago are starving right now. People are losing their homes and the suffering is widespread. Mayor Daley might have the residents on a diet for the Olympics. People need work now; public officials need to stop ripping off government in Chicago. Alderman in Chicago need to get their act together. Photo by Patrick McDonough