Another Daley family member walks down the isle Liz "Lally" Daley

Elizabeth "Lally" Daley, who turned 28 on Thursday, married Sam Hotchkiss at Spiaggia, a restaurant on North Michigan Avenue. Former mayor Daley must have been very happy when he unloaded his very homely daughter "Lalley" Lalley is a name usually reserved for horses and cattle. I was shocked the local Chicago newspapers were not talking about her beauty. The local newspapers were quiet about her plain Jane looks, but wrote about her helping kids with autism. Lalley's husband is no catch either, Sam Hotchkiss looks like his father-in-law. Sam is almost bald and very homely. The one thing the newlyweds will never worry about is access to privilege and money. I would rather be handsome and poor, than ugly and a Daley family member. Note to Rich Daley, if you have ugly kids, do not put their pictures in the newspapers. Time for the Daley family to move on. Wow it is getting tough out there!!!