The Tom Roeser Show WLS Radio 890 AM Sunday Night 8:00 p.m

Tom Roeser on WLS 890 Radio I had the honor to appear again on the Tom Roeser Show WLS Radio 890 AM at 8:00 PM in Chicago. (Sunday May 1, 2011) This is the third time I have been a guest on this major show. I have been a student of Mr. Roeser at Roosevelt University , the best class I have ever taken period. In fact, when I have been on Mr. Roeser’s show, I was told I am gushing too much. The fact of the matter is, if you have a great teacher, you are inspired to achieve. I was embarrassed to ask Mr. Roeser to appear on my little Can-Tv show, but he agreed. I am hoping to pick apart the differences between Democrats and Republicans on many issues. Tom Roeser has been honored by the Catholic Church and has a great website. The writing on his website is of the highest caliber. Make sure you visit. Thank you to Mr. Roeser and his great family. This is a photo of Mr. Roeser is while he is taking a live call on the air! Photo by Patrick McDonough