Note to: Chicago Office of the Inspector General on Chicago Residency Law

Dear Mr. Inspector General, during your residency investigations, please make darn sure you know the employee's intent before you accuse a person of not being a resident of the City of Chicago. The alleged residency violations your office made were based on a lack of physical presence at a Chicago residence. Simply put, if your investigators did not see the employee on the days you said investigators were present, that employee was suggested for termination. I hope you understand, when you make these accusations, you financially destroy a person's life. Many employees just retired or quit rather than face the uphill fight. I know the 'intent" will be hard to prove, but when laws are changed for the privilege and clouted, some unintended consequences might occur. It is time to get a lawyer to challenge the residency laws in Chicago. Enough lives have been destroyed by this unmoral law. The workers need to "unite in flight". Patrick McDonough (to ex-governor Thompson on the Roe Cohn show today, shut the f-up. Worry about Ryan dumb azz)

Patrick McDonough objects to the Nomination Papers of: Rahm Emanuel

Patrick McDonough vs. Rahm Emanuel Residency Objector Thanks to WGN and ABC7 News. I had a chance to voice my opinions with the objectors in Patrick McDonough vs. Rahm Emanuel. No. 11-EB-MUN-007. This was on December 23, 2010. I will have a T.V. show soon so you can meet some of the objectors in person. The Chicago Media is joke in their unabashed support of the Rahm Emanuel’s Residency case. Many valid points were made and never played on the air. I also objected to the behavior by Attorneys from Mayer Brown LLP. This company makes millions of dollars from the City of Chicago and taxpayers. Is this because the City of Chicago lawyers are not able to defend a complex case? I think the law department under Mara Georges needs a cleaning. If you vote for Rahm, this will never happen. This photo was taken by Patrick McDonough from the WGN-TV website. I hope they do not mind since it is a picture of yours truly. God Bless all of you and all the people trying to clean up politics in Chicago. I hope you have a great new year.

Another long day for City of Chicago Employees on the hunt for theft

The City of Chicago has a residency law that is designed by the Mayor of Chicago to keep a well oiled political machine in place for election time. Many of the unions have a bizarre relationship with Daley, they are there to skim money off the top of worker’s paychecks and then deliver a percentage to the current Administration. They call this a symbiotic relationship; it is like those fishes that attach to the sharks. Chicago has system that mixes private contractors and municipal employees. The idea is to play the two sides against each other to increase the production, keep friction, and increase management power over both sides of the equation. I would say without a doubt Mayor Daley and his entire Administration have failed the taxpayers at this game resulting in complete and total chaos. Today I had to call the police on a car with City of Chicago vests and City of Chicago employee identification. One could certainly make the assumption the card in this picture was issued by the Department of Water Management. The owner of the car illegally parked in an intersection blocking traffic, both pedestrian and automobile. The owner of the car was responding to a pulled water service. The owner seemed to assume he had some rights reserved for City employees. I called the Commissioner’s office and the Office of the Inspector General. This is theft of City property or false impersonation from my experience. I really hate, really f-ing hate when a private contractor assumes they have the same privileges as city workers. They do not have background checks, drug tests, and pay union dues to the same extent. The owner of this car told me he is not a City employee. Lucky him, he is Mark St**ge, he lives allegedly on Lincoln Avenue, not in Chicago, but in the suburbs. Are you glad Mayor Daley allows these people to live outside the city when Chicagoans have no work? I made a report with the CPD today on the incident. If you are out of a job in the construction industry and you live in Chicago, I would be really mad. If you work for the City of Chicago, put your kids in private schools, and get furlough days, I would be mad. If you are Saul, fighting for your job on a residency beef, I would be really, really mad. Photo by Patrick McDonough.