Chicago Department of Water Management Rahm’s Greatest Failure


The City of Chicago Department of Water Management is again in the news on several fronts. The embattled North District is again attempting to cover-up a Christmas Party Brawl involving several employees. The December Party was held at a Northwest side bar. The bar confirmed the multiple fights. The Chicago Inspector General Joe ‘cupcake” Ferguson is again doing nothing except kissing up to Fran Spielman at the Sun-times.

The bosses at the Water Department again sent Joe packing to chase a box of missing pencils in the transportation department. At the party, one employee was getting closer to another employee, (allegedly Sandberg), and was headbutted. I would have wrote about this but Gary Litherman FOIA Officer at the Water Department is doing everything to keep Paul “DUI” Hansen and the Hoisting Engineer Foreman out of the story. The Alderman’s son was in the sun-times twice for drinking related issues, but thanks to Alderman “Toots” Tunney, he is taken care of. It takes head to get ahead.

Pictures of two men at the party have oral sex in the bathroom have been sent to the I.G. Maybe Joe can take them home and do a more personal cover-up.

For many years, the promotion system at the DOWM has promoted incompetent supervisors and the ongoing problems need addressing. I suggest Rahm Emanuel investigate the way Luci Pope-Cozzi-Anderson-Hansen promote employees. It is criminal.

Just recently, Chicago Clout has made FOIA requests regarding the contractor and contracts at the Jardine Plant. You might know, Gary Litherland is a puppet that refuses to offer up taxpayer information. The DOWM is hiding millions of dollars in no show contracts and job that are fronts for the Democrat Party fund making machine. The Jardine Plant also has morning exercise and afternoon soccer games on taxpayer money. The special payroll system covers it all up. High ranking City officers have phony companies that are stealing millions and no work is performed. Nice eh?

Every dog gets his day! The City of Chicago is losing millions in revenue from the Jardine Plant and the Chicago Water Purification system. Suburban cities are now obtaining water from other sources including Evanston. Evanston runs a professional water department free of clout and crime. Some cities like Des Plaines have said goodbye to Chicago, more Cities like Niles, Morton Grove, and Lincolnwood are on the way to make sure their residents do not pay a corruption tax. Rahm Emanuel and his corrupt administration are losing the “Chicago Golden Goose”. To keep the massive payroll of unneeded supervisors like Paul Hansen, who work on 44th ward political projects on city time, (yes, we know) Chicago taxpayers are going on the hook again to make up for the massive money loss. I hope Chicago elects Chuy to clean up this madness once and for all.

I am proud to serve the citizens of Chicago releasing hundreds of pages of sworn testimony showing how the lead poisoning of Chicago taxpayers is criminal.