Obama is President Again thanks to some Chicago City Workers

Just a quick update. Thank you to everyone that enjoys Chicago Clout. We are ramping up for another year of first rate video at CAN-TV. I think Rahm Emanuel was at the Department of Water Management, 39th and Iron, to thank all the City Workers that help make Barack Obama enjoy another term. (11-26-12 at 11:00 a.m.) I also hope Rahm thanks all the members of Laborers Local 1092 that worked the phone lines getting the vote out for the President. I interviewed some of the folks that participated in the get out the vote and they all expected preferential treatment at work during the next two years. In a surprising twist, many members of the Plumber’s Union did not take off Election Day, but purchased political tickets on city time instead. The FOIA officers at several Chicago City Departments are going up against legal challenges very soon. The passion of the elections makes city workers make many mistakes.
I also want to thank the new hosts of Chicago Clout T.V. series as I am very busy on other matters. I also want all City Workers to be very careful with contacts to the Chicago Office of the Inspector General. The OIG is not issuing proof letters regarding your complaints and on a regular basis is losing cases in court. The OIG is also following your PERSONAL E-MAILS and PERSONAL PHONE CALLS. Yes, Rahm Emanuel’s puppets at the Office of the Inspector General are not independent at all. I hope Fran Spielman at the Chicago Sun-Times stops the phony bullshit coverage of the OIG, it is all propaganda. We are going to expose the corruption, the wild sex, and the cover-ups they thought they keep hidden. We also have X-rated video of high ranking city employees, but are in a legal tangle on that matter. Enjoy the ride.