Chicago Dumps Top Cop McCarthy give job to John Escalante

Bill Bresnahan Final.jpg Many Chicago Citizens are relieved McCarthy is fired from the City of Chicago as top cop. McCarthy was not liked by the rank and file, but he covered up more wrongdoing than any other Police Superintendent I ever knew. He always had a big posse of goons with him when he went to the Chicago Personnel Board and entered in the private rear doors. Even Joe Ferguson, the inept Inspector General had to wait in the entrance area where all the other peons waited. McCarthy has clout so he will end up with a contract to keep his yap shut. His new young wife is from a clout family, so he will be fine.
In the picture is the interim Chicago Police Superintendent John Escalante. He will not get the Superintendent position because he has little clout. In the Picture with John is City of Chicago ex-cop William “Butch” Bresnahan. Bill has been floating around department to department as the police presence Daley and Rahm wanted after Hired Trucks. In this picture Bill was running to the cameras again despite the fact he docks workers for exercising their first amendment rights. Bill was working the sewer pumps to empty a marsh for the police in this picture. Bill is currently the top sewer guy at the Department of Water Management. According to unnamed sources, Bill wanted a top position at the Police Department but was passed over. Some folks are never happy, Sewer pays real good. Good luck to John Escalante, you will need it.

City of Chicago needs 5 more Assistant District Superintendents ?

This bid was hidden from the posting process for a week. It is called fraud. It is called a Shakman violation. The job pays $97,760.04 base pay. The candidates considered will not need any special licenses. I was told this is for the sewer workers. In the old days you needed a real plumber's license to become a boss in the Chicago Water System. This job was called a District Foreman in the times of yesterday. The name was changed just after the Hired Truck Scandal. The City of Chicago does not need more guys making a hundred thousand plus dollars playing computer games. Is Mayor Daley going to get rid of the Water Department consultants? Election time is near folks.