You can make millions in Chicago contracts if you are a lucky Amigo

seven-d construction 2.jpg If you work for the City of Chicago, you will notice business trends. I not talking about the stock market, the stock market cannot be predicted. Sometimes in the stock market,
a company will lose money and the stock will lower in value, other times the stock is worth more. So when people say they can predict the trends, they are usually guessing like everyone else. If you know Mayor Daley and the power players with a hand in the Chicago city hall contract business, you can buck this trend. Some of you might say things like, “is McDonough crazy?”” You can actually predict the future?” Yes it is true, thanks to Mayor Daley and his band of goons. A company started in Chicago around the time of the “Hired Truck” boom has expanded business at an alarming rate. Millions of dollars later and multiple fields of activities warrant further investigation. I always suspect businesses that make their way over to the Department of Water Management. The Chicago Water Department has been a breeding ground of corruption for many years, taxpayers whacked at every turn. I strongly urge the Office of the Inspector General to investigate Seven-D Construction and its involvement with the department. This company is reportedly a signatory contractor with the laborers and operating engineers. Even according to a employee of the company the vast majority of the company is Hispanic and Spanish speaking. Many of these companies fly under the radar because they are owned by minorities. People are afraid of being called a racist if the ask questions about a women owned or minority owned business. Under Daley many of these companies are fronts and only the Law enforcement officials are unable to connect the dots. When it comes to a company like Seven-D, I wonder how they ended up with orange peels, and vactors. Old cruddy looking beat up equipment like the junk in the picture. Are the guys in pictures real union laborers and operating engineers? Where is the safety equipment for the workers and the public walking next to this orange peel? I really wonder why this company decided to buy a vactor and orange peel. It makes you wonder which came first, the sewer contract or the sewer equipment. I hope you know this Seven-D Construction is taking applications for construction workers now, I just hope they manage to hire some blacks, some hillbillies, and some white trash. I bet Amigo Daley will not ask this company for any political donations. Photo by Patrick McDonough