The Chicago Low Income Housing-discrimination against working folks?

Chicago Housing 1 I have watched the housing market in Chicago for quite some time. There are a couple of more bubbles that need bursting in the next few years before thing can get back to a semblance of sanity. It is going to take a while but you can find some nice property if you have good credit or you have an inside like many Chicago high ranking employees. This is a low income property that could command rents of $1500.00 or more and has apartments that could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in certain Chicago neighborhoods. You can only rent in this exclusive hidden area if you are very low income. The government makes up the difference. I think it makes no sense to show up to work every day in America when people with no motivation live better than the everyday working stiffs. Many hard working families continue to be throw out into the streets despite the fact they work very hard and contribute to the economy. Some people do not work, get free food and lodging, and enjoy spending money without working at all. Their apartments are professional maintained and staffed to handle any complaints. Just remember one simple thing, someone is getting a big piece of the action on top, and you are paying for it. If you want to rent here and you are an everyday working stiff, you are not allowed, you make too much money. That’s discrimination. Photo by Patrick McDonough