Illinois Worker’s Compensation revelations explode in Chicago

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Alderman Burke were front and center again in a massive amount of accusations at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission May 22, 2018. The Chicago Water Department was again accused of providing cover for injured city workers with clout. The Water Department again was accused of withholding injured workers payments to force settlements on black women and those that can not get signatures for Emanuel and other Chicago politicians. According to a source at the Jardine Plant, you pay to play.

One worker revealed he was eating out of garbage cans and was under the care of multiple doctors from the lack of needed care. One of those in attendance made a snicker. One worker revealed how Alderman Burke hires no-bid private contractors and receives lucrative kickbacks. One disgruntled worker in the Committee on Finance and finally spoke with the Chicago FBI office. An explosive set of documents are now in the public domain.

Cynthia Davenport, (case 05-WC-002827) a crippled 65-year-old women, just lost her husband. The City of Chicago under Mr. Conners, Commissioner of the Department of Water Management, continues to allow this crippled DOWM bricklayer to stave on only half disability pay. Many crippled employees do not even get that. Tomorrow, she will be at the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to attempt to receive the duty disability pay reinstated. Cynthia was also a victim of Vocamotive Vocational program that sent this lady to whore houses to make her, “non-compliant”. She was sent to attempt to work nights at a place that had young ladies with short skirts and no panties allegedly servicing older men.

I surprised they didn’t force her to become a dancing instructor at “Fred Astaire”, her walker would be a great asset. As long as Vocamotive continues to contribute to Alderman Burke, this shit will continue. The City hired a Dan Weiler a private Attorney Hennessy and Roach P.C. to attempt to destroy her. It worked before.

Allegations such as Federal violations, labor laws, financial destruction, divorces, were common. Accusations such as Mercy Works Doctors sending referrals. Workers were treated “Like a subhuman animal”. DOWM women treatments steered treatment to destroy black women lies. The Committee on Finance. Examples of collusion with private lawyers lying to clients about settlements. It seems the City of Chicago is refusing to accept pictures of brutal injuries. One claimant is still waiting over 7 years for his settlement, but they refuse to settle until he is retired, and government benefits are used to pay for his needed care. Sounds like fraud to me.

A Chicago cop physically attacked Patrick McDonough in one case and the Chicago Inspector General failed to protect Mr. McDonough. Accusations of Chicago and Committee on Finance fraud, changing medical diagnosis was abound. Stunning accusations. What will the IWCC do to stop the City of Chicago?
What will the Alderman do? Thanks to former city employees and Frank Coconate, Federal Attorneys, and others, this will all be exposed prior to the next election.

Paul Hansen a former City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees name was brought up several times. Have a nice day, more on this soon.

Emanuel’s commitment to changing Water Management hate-filled culture questioned

02/01/2018, 05:35pm
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration was accused Thursday of “talking out of both sides of its mouth” when it comes to changing a hate-filled culture laid bare in racist, sexist and homophobic emails.

Fran Spielman

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration was accused Thursday of “talking out of both sides of its mouth” when it comes to changing a hate-filled culture laid bare in racist, sexist and homophobic emails that triggered a housecleaning in the city’s Department of Water Management.

Attorney Victor Henderson represents six current and former Water Management employees — all African-Americans — who have filed a federal lawsuit accusing the Department of Water Management of creating “a hostile and abusive work environment” based on race that includes violence, intimidation and retaliation.

Henderson’s claim that Emanuel is insincere about his commitment to change that hate-filled culture stems from two new taxpayer-funded court filings in the case.

The motions seek to dismiss ousted Water Management Commissioner Barrett Murphy and fired Managing Deputy William Bresnahan as named defendants in the case on grounds that neither man did anything wrong.

“The city is talking out of both sides of its mouth. You’ve got the inspector general saying there’s a culture of racial discrimination. You have City Hall firing the commissioner and others. And on the other hand, it’s delay and deny in the courthouse, taking the exact opposite position like none of this ever happened,” Henderson said.

“If they really didn’t do anything, they shouldn’t have been asked to leave. If they did do something, the city should acknowledge it. . . . What the city is doing is having it both ways — one way politically, the other way legally,” he said.

Law Department spokesman Bill McCaffrey stressed that the city “does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”

But he said, “Not all allegations made in lawsuits are necessarily meritorious. In this particular instance, there are claims regarding specific employment decisions that do not appear to be supported by the records.”

The motion to dismiss Murphy from the case was filed by former federal prosecutor Vincent Connelly, an attorney at Mayer Brown LLP. In it, Connelly notes that the “hostile work environment claim” against Murphy rests on two emails. The first was written by now-fired Deputy Commissioner Paul Hansen to Murphy in February 2013.

The second email was written by Murphy in August 2015, describing an equation for calculating the circumference of a circle, Connelly wrote.

“There is no allegation in the complaint that Murphy wrote any offensive comments at all. . . . There is no allegation that Murphy wrote anything else, but Hansen responded to this email with offensive comments,” the motion to dismiss states.

“Two offensive emails received and one forwarded in two years is not objectively severe and pervasive conduct by Murphy. Plaintiffs failed to state a claim for hostile work environment against Murphy.”

Connelly noted that in a “single sentence accompanied by a photograph,” the current and former employees alleged they were “subjected to racist images, such as a hangman’s noose in restrooms and Water Department vehicles.” The plaintiffs further claim they were “called names, including the n-word and `you people.’ “

“The complaint contains absolutely no allegation that Murphy, as a supervisor, participated in hanging a noose or in calling the plaintiffs names,” Connelly wrote.

“There is no basis for liability based on direct harassment by Murphy as a supervisor. Nor is there any allegation that Murphy was negligent in remedying harassment by others. Plaintiffs make no allegation that a co-worker hung the noose or that any co-workers called them names,” Connelly wrote. “Plaintiffs do not allege that they reported these incidents or that Murphy ever knew about them. There is no basis for liability against Murphy based on negligence in remedying harassment by co-workers.”

The motion to dismiss Bresnahan from the case was filed by Del Gado Law Group LLC, another firm hired by the city.

Although plaintiffs allege that Bresnahan “received racist emails from Hansen,” the motion states, “There are no allegations that any of the plaintiffs were aware or received these proposed emails.”

Last spring, a housecleaning triggered by the email scandal flushed out Murphy, Bresnahan, Hansen and two other top managers. Murphy’s ouster was a shocker because he and his wife are close friends with Emanuel and his wife, Amy Rule.

Emanuel acknowledged then that Murphy “offered his resignation because he knew that we had to hit a re-set button” at the department at the center of the Hired Truck and city hiring scandals.

Last month, nearly two dozen current and former Water Management employees complained that the same hate-filled culture persists, even after a white commissioner was replaced with an African-American.

Emanuel responded by arguing that it would take Commissioner Randy Conner, who is African-American, a lot longer than six months to change a hate-infested Water Management culture decades in the making. But he categorically denied that nothing has changed.

Investigations continue at Department of Water Management Today Paul Hansen

Paul Hansen email DOWM Chicago picture.jpg Investigators demanded files again from the North District City of Chicago Department of Water Management this morning. Paperwork for the continuing investigations into overtime, bribes, emails, expense sheets, racism and corruption will not go away. You might be thinking why does Paul Hansen look so worn out early in the morning? Was it a rough night? Stress, Zackery? Many people complained Paul Hansen would come into work very exhausted from a night of confusion. Not long after, the screaming would start up and the entire North District was up for grabs. On this morning, an appeal was denied to a worker and handed back. William “Oink Oink” Bresnahan denied an appeal from an employee that was falsely accused of wrongdoing. Back than Bresnahan would listen to everything Paul Hansen would tell him, and now they are both gone. Resigned. Finished. Terminated. But that is what happens when you get an egotistical crazy person like Bresnahan running a department he knows nothing about. You might notice Paul Hansen’s eye looks crossed. Many Chicago Water Department guys miss the crazy emails and are still at work. I suggest Henderson-Parks will finish off that problem soon. Note to all investigators, if you are missing some information, I bet I got back-up. Notice the picture of Barack Obama? Ha.