Chicago Wants Rahm Emanuel to Step Down Now Cops execute Black Kid

Chicago Negroes are having buyer’s remorse electing a very corrupt Mayor Rahm Emanuel. His shallow words fail to comfort, a Chicago Police Officer riddle a very young man with bullets. According to three cops at the Steak Sandwich shop on the Northwest said, “The kid was a fucking nigger, too bad”. Nice opinion from a few white cops, eh? The irony of the entire event, is Chicago Cops will make a fortune in overtime to control the mess they made. Most blacks will accept the white man’s actions as par for the course. I wonder when Blacks will rise up, elect their own Black Mayor, and then get those nice gravy jobs at the City. For far too long, the Chicago Media has covered up for the actions of a few cops. In fact, most cops lie and look the other way when one of their own breaks the law. Most cops figure they are doing the same thing at one point or another. I put another FOIA into the Chicago Police Department about Chicago Detective Mullane and will have a show on him. Funny how that dash cam disappeared. Chicago Super Phony Joe Ferguson has cover-up for dirty cops for a long time. Joe just got his just desserts. What comes around goes around. Last time, Chicago does not promote the best cops, it politics as usual. Some you get lousy results. More stories when I feel better. Make sure you watch this video and learn. Laquan McDonald, rest in peace.