Rahm Emanuel takes the keys to Daley's Hired Truck Program

Hired Trucks Chicago Lamon and Warwick 1.jpg Rich Daley left the Office of Mayor in Chicago like a sick dog. Chicago is a town falling apart at its seams. I guess twenty years of theft; scumbag inside deals will destroy anything. Rahm the reformer took the keys to Mayor Daley’s Hired Truck Program and got her up and running. Rahm will need millions for Barack Obama’s re-election and no better place to get it than the Hired Trucks. Two City of Chicago Department of Water Management trucks idled at the corner of Warwick and Lamon while two Hired Trucks took loads from Union Local 150 Hoisting Engineers on September 19, 2011. For years, Hoisting Engineers put spoil on Hired Trucks while their Union Local 700 Teamsters starved at home. So if you are a Union Local 700 teamster sitting at home, make a stop to the goons’ headquarters in Park Ridge. Ask these goons to attempt to get up and go over to Chicago Construction Sewer sites and get your job back. It is a shame the misuse of minority programs and minority companies. I wish these trucks would haul all the crap out of City Hall starting with Rahm “Ditto” Emanuel. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Joe Lopez, Chicago Driver during Hired Truck Scandal enjoys retirement.

Joe Lopez 1 Hired Truck Scandal It was not long ago when the Chicago Sun-Times uncovered Mayor Daley’s Hired Truck Scandal. The driver on the City truck when Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times was snooping around was Joe Lopez. Joe Lopez was accused falsely of not being on the jobsite and was punished. Joe is still looking to clear his name. Joe always worked hard for the City of Chicago and enjoyed his 34 years as a trusted employee. Joe looks about ten years younger after he retired thanks to less stress and visits to Mexico. Maybe someday Joe can clear his name. Joe never knew the Hired Truck Whistleblower, Patrick McDonough was tipping off the newspapers and the FEDS that day. Joe is glad the city gave him an opportunity for the job. Joe misses all his friends and loves them. Joe also says thanks to his friends in the Sewer Department. Joe had a great going away party at the Sunnyside trailer his last day. Joe still misses all the guys. Photo by Patrick McDonough