Shannon Rovers Fired…Tel Aviv Troubadours Chicago's Official band

Tel Aviv Troubadours on Chicago Clout The Rahm Emanuel Administration in Chicago has been making some progress moving Chicago in the right direction. Richard Daley and the Irish Hillbillies from the 11Th Ward have looted Chicago to bankruptcy. Along the miserable ride of the Daley Administration was the horrible screeching, bellowing, and barking of the Shannon Rovers. The Shannon Rovers are a bunch of wild men and women giving Irish music a bad name. I hope to never hear these ear ache makers again. The Shannon Rovers are out and the Tel Aviv Troubadours are in. The Tel Aviv Troubadours play some of the most beautiful music known to mankind. The musicians are classically trained in the finest Universities in the United States. We are looking for some back-up players in case we have a gig at the Chicago Symphony of the New York Philharmonic. Please contact us at Chicago Clout to be part of the best band in Chicago! Patrick McDonough.