Enjoy a picture of Occupy Chicago poster Children, John D'Amico, John Madigoon, and Local 130 Goon

John D'Amico Mike Madigan Final.jpg The Chicago Occupy movement is moving forward with a lighting pace. The City of Chicago has many residents with no future and a dismal job outlook. The tax base in Chicago is maxed out, and the Rahm Emanuel gang is ready to sell assets to Rahm’s cronies. I thought Rahm would be different than Daley and his goons, but he got a taste for the high life. This is a picture of Johnny ‘Da Nose” D’Amico. Johnny is a State Representative and a full time Chicago Department of Water Management employee. While people starve, John D’Amico drives a blue Water Department truck around and has been seen outside his district. That is OK because he is a made man with Rahm Emanuel. John was sent out to scout for Rahm long before the public was aware of the fixed mayoral election. Johnny is with Michael “pasty face” Madigan. Lil Mike knows the ole double dipping routine as well as Johnny D’Amico. These two goons are with a Local 130 dude with a horrible hair die job if ever I have seen one. This goon testified to the FEDS about fixed Plumbing Licenses in Chicago. This little fraud by the James Sullivan goons and the Plumber’s Union is unraveling at a Hearing for Dean “Mia Tai” Slawek. I am also happy to report a major victory by Tim Novak and the Chicago Sun-Times for their coverage of David Koschman. Everyone should have their fair day in court. Thanks to that brave judge for helping a mother’s worst nightmare. Photo improved by Patrick McDonough.

Is State Representative John D'Amico looking for some marijuana to smoke?

John D'Amico Votes for marijuna.jpg The rats over at Plumber’s Local 130 continue to work with the Office of the Inspector General allowing ditch digger John D’Amico to not show up for work at the City of Chicago. Chicago fires employees that do not show up for work, it is called ghost payrolling. The criminals at the Department of Water Management continue to look the other way as John D’Amico is a no-show at work. Instead, this creep is trying to legalize marijuana in Illinois. When I worked on his crew he was not on the site because he was doing side jobs with his family members and installing fences near his house using taxpayer’s water main pipe. Many people are out of work and would like to get a free plumber’s license like John D’Amico. Many people would like a 100,000.00 per year no show job at the water department. Instead John D’Amico is downstate voting to allow folks to smoke pot all day. Along with the pot smoking, is free rent, free food, and free money. Most companies have drug testing. Most of the taxpayers are not aware John is making a fortune in the pension retirement game. It is all covered by Michael Madigan, his sugar daddy, and Mayor Daley. If this is leadership in Illinois, we all might want to smoke some pot before the ship sinks. Where in the hell is the Chicago Office of the Inspector General? Out smoking a blunt? Get ready for some mighty big taxes dudecycles.