Are you going to Vote for John G. Mulroe for 10TH District Senate in Chicago, Illinois?

John G. Mulroe 1.jpg A few days ago, Ronald Bober, a famous Investigator for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management just got done with lunch and was greeted with a great big “Hello” from John G. Mulroe a candidate for Senate in Illinois. He is a fine upstanding breath of fresh air in the Democratic primary to take over for James “FEDS at the Door” DeLeo. I have not made up my mind in this race, but John would be a strong choice and any friend of Mary O’Connor 41St Ward Committeeman, is a friend of mine. John was very interested in hearing what the Chicago Water Department crew had to say. We need more politicians that are able to do so. Please contact John and see if he would be a good candidate to represent you and you community. Go to his website here: Photo by Patrick McDonough