Chicago Gangs muscle into Chicago Water Department Drug Business

DOWM Signs.jpg
On September 10, 2012, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees got an important notice from the gangs of Chicago’s North Side. The Water Department drug trade in Heroin, Coke, Meth, and pills has got some attention from neighboring gangs such as the “Almighty Harrison Gents”. Despite many reports of the ongoing activity in the department, the Water Department still refuses to have a full drug enforcement policy. Each and every employee should be tested as soon as possible. Management is non-existent in the North District located at 4900 West Sunnyside. This facility is Union run and running into the ground. Despite several complaints to the authorities, the lack of drug testing is making the place difficult to work at. This tag was made from a powerful gang know as Hustlers and Gangsters. Several employees at the Water Department said they belong to this gang. Also, some employees decided to step forward and make sure employees finally got supplies for their trucks so they could do their job. Department trucks are robbed and cleaned out on a regular basis. The gang does not even care the Chicago Police fill up their gas tanks right were the tag was made. This tag was made at a fuel depot for the City. Enough of the cover-ups Mayor Rahm Emanuel, time to stop fundraising and do something about this mess. Honest City Workers are tired of drug dealers running our department. Stop making idiots run the department and blame everyone for their own failures. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

Chicago employees written up for not campaigning for Rahm Emanuel

Several City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees will undergo grilling for alleged complaints from showing up late to work to sleeping on the job on April 20, 2011 at 1424 West Pershing Road. Some of the employees said the Water Department looks away from complaints made against employees working for Rahm Emanuel and the Chicago Democratic machine. One employee stealing money and submitting false expense reports was not disciplined at all. One employee with a no-show do nothing job is untouchable said a high ranking insider. The non-political workers will be an example of the Department of Water Management attempting to show Rahm Emanuel their jobs are needed. "I think we need to remove all of Mayor Daley's do nothing hacks that have kept the Water Department in the Newspapers for the last decade", a Rahm insider leaked out today. Chicago Clout gave a list of Water Department management employees involved with the Hired Truck Scandals to the contractor scams that have destroyed the department to the transition teams. Chicago Clout also gave the names of management that earns their money. We need to clean up the dirty water in Chicago.