Garry McCarthy for Mayor at the Chicago Irish Heritage Center today

Garry McCarthy for Mayor of Chicago.JPG I was happy to see Mayoral Candidate Garry McCarthy at the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center today. Garry and his wife were very down to earth and pleasant to talk to. Last time I saw Superintendent Garry McCarthy is when he was running around the Chicago Personnel Board with lots of assistants in a great rush. Joe Ferguson was sitting in the reception area by himself.
This is not the same Garry McCarthy. Garry was relaxed and fully in the driver’s seat. He was warm and surrounded by very loyal supporters. Many Chicago City workers were in attendance as was the media. I talked to a couple of the lunk heads starting B.S. outside and they were laughing because Rahm also paid them to make a scene. Would you act stupid and harass women for an extra $100.00? They quickly left when no one paid them any attention.
Again, this was a smashing success for Garry McCarthy and his supporters. Garry, I wish you and your wonderful family the very best. I was treated like a king and all in attendance were able to talk to Garry and get answers to their concerns. Well, that is a change of pace in Chicago Politics!! Let the party begin!!