Update on Mary Kate Manion, St. Pat’s Queen, Alderman Burke and Thomas Manion.

The Chicago Saint’s Patrick’s Day Queen is an honor to many young women aspiring to pad their resume. Chicago Clout made news when we demanded all Queens be of Irish Heritage. It makes sense. I attended the St. Pat’s Queen day of choice and in typical manner, clout rules the pick. If you have a crook like Alderman Burke on the committee, what do you expect.

In 2018, Alderman Burke pushed for an employee of the Committee on Finance. Alderman Burke controls the Committee on Finance and shakes down the contractors for all he can. If you want to do business with Chicago, Alderman Burke and Mayor Rahm Emanuel get a piece of the action. Please visit the Jay Stone for Mayor website and be blown away.

Mary Kate Manion was named by Alderman Burke as the 2018 Chicago Saint Patrick’s Day Queen. Mary Kate Manion was named after a fictional Irish girl with a rotten attitude in the movie “The Quiet Man” starring John Wayne. You can always count on the Burke’s to fix the job interviews to make sure the friends and campaign donators get their kids on the payroll. Thomas Manion, the connected butch part owner of the Rory Group and other money-making enterprises made a $1500.00 contribution to Alderman Burke, then his daughter becomes queen and has a great job with the city of Chicago. See how Chicago taxpayers pay the fee for Ed Burke?

Mary Kates’ past included a shady early morning run in with the Elmhurst Police. Mary Kate was 20 years old and drinking in public under age. She had a hard time walking after admitting to consuming at least three Coors beer at a party on York Road. She and her friend told the police when confronted, “This is fucking bullshit, I live right there!!! “This isn’t wrong!!! The police had to explain to the future queen, she is not of legal age to consume alcohol and she lied to police. Most young ladies know not to walk the streets at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

Remember Alderman Burke goes to bat for these type of characters, just make the check to Alderman Ed Burke. Mary Kate has the clout to get on the city payroll thanks to Alderman Burke. Nice choice Eddy Boy. Time for an investigation into the Committee on Finance. Time to look into the Rory Group and their employees.