The Occupy Chicago and NATO/G8 Video Series on Chicago Clout

Chicago Clout assisted Andy Thayer to produce a series of videos so the general public understands why the City of Chicago will have a large showing May 19, 2012 at the Daley Center. Expect a 12:00 PM kick-off and a permitted march to McCormick Place. It is very important the taxpayers and the public understand why many people oppose NATO and want these leaders to understand there are dissenting opinions. Andy invited Eric Ruder and Rick Rozoff to guest on the first show. For more information make sure you visit Chicago Clout and Andy also had a show on Defending Civil Liberties in Chicago, and Opposing G8 in Chicago, they will be on YouTube very soon. Andy Thayer was on the Front Page of the Chicago Sun-Times January 17, 2012. I have known and benefited from my friendship with Andy Thayer for over six years. Photo by Patrick McDonough]]> Continue reading “The Occupy Chicago and NATO/G8 Video Series on Chicago Clout”