Will Daley leave Chicago soon enough? We he take his suburban Contractors?

M&A Cement Works, Inc 1/ Chicago Clout Many Chicago taxpayers are out of a job. Jobs are nowhere to be found. While this happens, many high profile Chicago bigwigs enjoy the high life at the Drake Hotel. Obama might not understand the desperate conditions in Illinois. This is another company working on Chicago Streets. The company is located in the suburbs. If you look close, you will see many OSHA violations. The concrete dust is everywhere and the worker has no respiration protection device. This company is M&A Concrete Works, Inc. Some suburban cities are not happy with this company. http://openline.blogspot.com/2006/06/fleecing-of-aurora-ma-cement.html Now they are working in Chicago. This was on Cicero Ave. a State Road. I hope this company gives some campaign contribution into Daley’s friend and family plan. I hope some Chicago City workers and Unions take notice. Photo by Patrick McDonough