Michael "Shipping Boy" Tierney looking for more at Local 130?

Michael Tierney 4.jpg Mike “Packing Boy” Tierney has made himself almost inseparable at the Plumber’s Union and is tagging along with Tim Coyne, a candidate for Business Manager. I was just told Mike Tierney was following along like a lost puppy, trying to be helpful to Coyne. I do not understand why, but let’s look at possible motivations. After a complete failure at the City of Chicago, Mike Tierney was last at the O’Hare Airport. One might ask, after one investigation after another, Mike would just skip town. Mike Tierney moved up the ladder thanks to lots of packing. He started as a ditchdigger and a mailroom boy, but became a ranking supervisor at the City. Somewhere along the line, Mike obtained a Plumber’s License. He never spent a day as an Apprentice. Mike Tierney said under sworn oath that Caulkers are better than Plumbers. Mike was a Caulker. Mike made it through many scams at the Water Department directly under his thumb. Bribes for overtime, a heroin ring, Hired truck scandal, and a notebook computer confiscated by the OIG. Mike was part of tens of thousands of dollars accepted by people wanting to become judges in Chicago. It is one hell of a racket. Mike is part of a developing scandal illegally issuing Plumbing Licenses to his 36th ward pals. It is truly amazing how many times Mike walks away from lawsuits and major scams right under his nose. It does pay to know judges. After a full City pension under his belt and an easy Airport job, Mike is packing away to get a do nothing Union job. Mike likes wearing Union garb like he knows plumbing. Tim Coyne should learn the old adage his pal, James Sullivan will soon learn, sleep with dogs and wake up with fleas. How many pensions does Mike need and why? Why is he putting on the old “I am really concerned eyes”? I hope he stops ratting out his employees to cover his own azz. I hope he quits his scams and leaves a job to real honest to goodness plumber that knows the trade; guys that can do the plumbing in their own house. Watch this story unfold folks, it will be a whopper.