Patrick McDonough and Zodak Yonan talk about Daley's private contractors.

Patrick McDonough and zodak yonan.jpg This is a new friend of mine in the 44Th Ward. The former alderman was Bernie Hansen. Bernie would count on Zodak Yonan to help with the ward’s needs. Today, Zodak told me he was frustrated with Reliable Contracting working on the new water mains on his street. Zodak was mad because two workers from that company did not live in Chicago. Zodak said, “Workers from outside the city do not care the same”. Zodak approached me because a private contractor allegedly left many people over the Memorial Day weekend without water. Mr. Yonan lived in this community over 58 years and helped keep Agassiz school open when it was doomed to close due to needed construction upgrades. Mr. Yonan had the street named after him for all the hard work he did to improve his neighborhood. One of his accomplishments was small iron fences to keep the grass in nice condition up and down the block. I will not go into detail but he is most assuredly a greater fan of the first Mayor Richard Daley. You can change Chicago for the better when you try, but the current Mayor of Chicago is not making it any easier. It is amazing what people tell you during lunch break. Photo by Patrick McDonough, Chicago Clout.