Time for Cardinal George, Rich and Patrick Daley to leave Chicago.

Chaz Bono and Patrick Daley Sexy Boys.jpg It is time for Cardinal George to retire
For many years Cardinal George has slipped to almost irrelevance in Chicago. No doubt looking the other way as the Daley family goon squad wreaked havoc on Chicago. The Daley family made absolute certain the Catholic Church of Chicago was not part of their public persona. I never saw Richard Daley in Church unless he was attending a funeral for a dignitary. Daley used the Catholic Church when his wife was corpsed recently, hoping to aggrandize Maggie Daley’s importance to the City. Chicago did not respond and the attendance was very low. Patrick Daley who looks almost exactly like Chaz Bono has never walked a woman down the aisle. Rich Daley used Maggie’s death to showcase Patrick Daley with an opportunity to speak but not answer questions. Cardinal George used this event to promote himself. George is going to attract more attention to the Catholic money making machines in Chicagoland including Mercy Works. When George stuck his foot in his mouth bad talking the Gay community, he really needs to be put in check. The Catholic Church needs new leadership with quiet, strong morality. The Catholic Church needs a leader that makes needed change and throws out those the hypocrites. The Daley family as Roman Catholics is a mockery to the Catholic Faith. There is no room for hate or liars anymore. Chicago is lucky to have a faithful Jewish leader running the ship now.

Another Daley family member walks down the isle Liz "Lally" Daley

Elizabeth "Lally" Daley, who turned 28 on Thursday, married Sam Hotchkiss at Spiaggia, a restaurant on North Michigan Avenue. Former mayor Daley must have been very happy when he unloaded his very homely daughter "Lalley" Lalley is a name usually reserved for horses and cattle. I was shocked the local Chicago newspapers were not talking about her beauty. The local newspapers were quiet about her plain Jane looks, but wrote about her helping kids with autism. Lalley's husband is no catch either, Sam Hotchkiss looks like his father-in-law. Sam is almost bald and very homely. The one thing the newlyweds will never worry about is access to privilege and money. I would rather be handsome and poor, than ugly and a Daley family member. Note to Rich Daley, if you have ugly kids, do not put their pictures in the newspapers. Time for the Daley family to move on. Wow it is getting tough out there!!!