Diversey Harbor Jams with Special Music Summer Tour 2011 Today

Special Music Summer Tour 2011 Final Chicago Clout Today was a very important day for Emery Joe Yost of the Chicago Park District and Patrick McDonough of Chicago Clout and an employee of the Department of Water Management. It took about a couple of months to get everything prepared for an awesome music video to promote awareness about special needs. I want to make a special shout out to Adam Koleno, General Manager of Master Craft Boats of Chicago, Michael’s Ultimate Detailing & Design, and Jim and Jen Milligan of Fox lake Propeller. The level of work in preparation was beyond our imagination. I wanted the boat to shine perfect and hum like Rolls for this shoot and it did. The Folks at Exclusive Automotive sound work was dynamite, the boat rocked loud. Special Thanks to all the moms that brought the guys to the Diversey Harbor Yacht Club and all the folks that were so supportive. I cannot wait to get this video out but we want to make it right. We are also going to add video taken at other shows this year. Thank you to all helpers at the video shoots today including my sons and friends. Thanks to all the folks at the Chicago park District for making a super day to remember. We are working on making a much larger boat available in the future so we can make this a regular event in Chicago. Feel free to join us. Learn Video, Learn photography, Learn music, and Learn compassion. Photo by Patrick McDonough.