Dominick Tomasello RIP January 8 2017 Feds please step in.

We at Chicago Clout meet many folks that in in trouble. I received Dominic’s name and number from a guy I knew for years that was screwed around by the city. Since I know many people, politician, and insiders, people felt I could help Dominic. Dominic had a brutal divorce. He seemed obsessive compulsive towards his daughter and ex-wife. For some reason, he felt he could fix whatever was wrong and try again. I felt Dominic was completely unrealistic. Dominic felt people were interfering with his former relationship; he did everything he could to expose alleged wrong doing.
The story he told me was far too complex. Dominic also had a hard time keeping the same story and crafted events to fit the audience. I also could sit in amazement that a man could keep such a clean and wonderful home. Dominic also made strong accusations against the mob, his friends, his lawyers. He was also quick to give away his money if you said you could help him.
Dominic was hit on the head at work. This was the final straw. The Committee on Finance screwed him around, withheld his checks, made him go back to work sick. The usual. His story was so complex, I felt only Michael Volpe had the skills to handle his situation. To all the people that took his money, withheld his money, and denied care, I hope Hell is real. To the Cook County Court System that kept two ankle bracelets on him, like he was an animal, I hope you are proud of yourself. I also hope Alderman Burke rots in hell for the way the city treats an injured worker. Two ankle monitors and they sat on him being dead for two days? Rest in peace.