Andy Thayer hosts Chicago Clout Videos on NATO/G8 Chicago

Andy Thayer in Chicago Clout Studio All of us at Chicago Clout are very thankful Andy Thayer has decided to host the Chicago Clout Can-TV series on the NATO/G8 Summit soon to arrive in Chicago May 19 through May 21. Chicago Clout welcomes all people from all nations to protest the one percent that has destroyed the world economy with selfishness. Andy Thayer brings an outstanding amount of professionalism to our shows and his series will enlighten you as to why it is important to bring your voice to Chicago May 19, 20, and 21. Rahm Emanuel has been accused of using this event to promote himself and Obama’s agenda. We hope all protesters are arriving to Chicago to let the entire word know, we are tired of the ruling class, stealing and all the political corruption. The poor suffer around the world every day. I also hope the Chicago Police, known for their brutal tactics know the entire world will videotape their impending crimes to humanity. Let’s all have a peaceful protest and get involved at the ballot box to make this a better world. Photo by Patrick McDonough