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March 29, 2006

Chicago Water Department Worker lack of Safety

On March 29, 2006 the Chicago Department of Water Management Valve Crew worked in the middle of the 45th Street and State Avenue intersection. The workers were John Hickey, Paul Montes, and the greatest plumber in the City of Chicago, Patrick McDonough. " I was in the middle of the intersection and the crew placed safety cones everywhere", said McDonough, "I try to work safe." The speed limit is 25 mph and the cars and trucks were speeding by at 50 mph or more. Large semis and cement trucks were within 2 feet of the valve basin. At least the guys that works for the Illinois state highways and tollways have some form of safety. "One false step and my five kids would have no father," said McDonough.
I cannot believe this, we need proper safety procedures.

Chicago Police Driving Tests

Chicago Police had a driving skills test today at the Chicago White Sox's Parking Lot "G". The lot is located at 33rd Street and NormaI. I was amazed at how well the Chicago Police drive the course with out hitting the cones. The driving excellence is a reminder to goof balls that think they will out run the police. Young drivers remember, pull over and do not make thing worse on yourself. One police officer really stood out on the course, a great driver, her name is Officer Alvarado. I never saw more burn outs and smoke than today. The Water Department love our Police.

March 28, 2006

Terrence J. O'Brien Brigid McDonough Picture

Terrence J. O'Brien Picture.jpg
At Chicago's St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2006 a nice picture of President Terrence O'Brien and future St. Patrick Day Queen Brigid McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough. Clout Rating: Lots of Clout and a nice person.

Chicago Department of Water Management Security

On March 28, 2006, I observed a bizarre and disconcerning event. At the Chicago Department of Water Management located at 39th and Iron a private contractor was loading up a truck load of Water Department supplies. I noticed this in the North District Water Department Wabansia yard at 3822 West Wabansia before. I know Water Department employees need I.D., drug tests and background tests to enter the site, but this guy had nothing and no Union credentials. Again, I am against contractors being supplied with any City property, material and/or labor. We must have complete separation and accountability. The contractor was Mannion Plumbing. The truck a beat up old white Ford 150 with license plate 12130 D. The driver told me he drops these parts off all over the city. I do know Mannion Plumbing is sent in to help Water Main Contractors that do not have Licenced Plumbers as required by law. Usually, when the contractor is busted by Chicago Plumbing Inspectors. On a personal note, when I was fired by the Department of Water Management on April 1, 2006, (Ha, Ha, April Fools Day), my lawyer Frank Avila was told he cannot enter the site due to Security Concerns (Frank Avila a Captian in the U.S. Army reserve). Mayor Daley's Chicago Inspector General's Office was given a call to determine policy, Investigator Amezaga answered at 9:45 a.m. and was not concerned. The I.G. was not concerned about Hired Truck calls in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and or 2003. Very consistent.

Clout = Overtime in Chicago Water Department

Many years ago , I was in verbal disagreements with the way the overtime was distributed in the Chicago Department of Water Management. I talked to Michael Tierney and Tom Cook about why I did not get overtime. They asked me to leave the office and Michael Tierney slammed the door on me. I could not understand bribes were paid to Michael Tierney according to sworn testimony at Patrick McDonough's residency hearing. I called the Chicago Plumber's Union and they did nothing. Tierney married one of the daughters of the Business Agent, Tom McMannus, that had a duty and a obligation to protect it's members. Please read an article by Gary Washburn for your entertainment. The department is currently on a list system for laborers and a settlement has been made to it's members. Laborer's Union under Charles v. Loverde, the President and Business Manager have good leadership as compared to Plumber's Local 130 failing under James Sullivan. Keep Politics out of the Workplace!. A overtime list might be on the drawing board for the Plumbers. Wait and do not hold your breath. A Overtime Information Form has been requested by Management, changes coming? Will Teng and associates administer this list?

March 27, 2006

Chicago Fire Hydrants at Risk

It was reported today, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management downed two additional Hydrant Trucks. Since I have been the Plumber-in-charge of the Night Hydrant Truck and have responded to fires, I think the game of Russian Roulette should end now. If a Fire Hydrant is out of order in Andersonville (48th Ward) and a high rise is burning, who will get the Fire Hydrants working? What if the one and only Hydrant Truck serving the entire city is on the Chicago South West side? Let us put a stop to this madness. Call your alderman and the Unions to see what they say. That is as crazy as shutting down the fire stations to save money. Patrick McDonough Candidate for 48th Ward Alderman.

Pitometer in Chicago Water Management System

In a typical phony contract game of hide and go seek, for millions per week, here we go again. I keep finding "Pitometer" work tickets that order city work crews out to make repairs. Most of these repairs are not needed. Many of the tickets are for valves that are in the closed position. The majority of the time, the valves are in the open position. "Pitometer making up work? Also City of Chicago crews are sent to valve basins that are wrote up as "Leaking", the valve basins are "bone dry", foreman have reported. I called the company at the Chicago address and the lady said they work out of Alsip, Illinois. Pitometer has some old contracts totaling over 1.5 million none currently valid per Chicago vendor sites. This company is really owned by Severn Trent a company based in the United Kingdom. No contract is listed as a vendor with Mayor Daley's phony online vendor and contract system. Millions of dollars flow through the Chicago Dept. of Water Management unreported. Does Daley know these are foreign owned companies working on City of Chicago Water Mains with no Plumbing Inspectors to provide Public Safety? The last bombing was in the United Kingdom. If foreigner terrorists get into the Public Water Supply and poison us millions could die, more than any damage an airplane could do. I suggest a Union trained work force touch the water supply only ,and have a legal residence in Chicago. In last contract dealings, the Unions can now review contracts. (I know more that you think). Lets work for the Citizens of Chicagoland and not politicians shaking down contractors for political donations. Patrick McDonough, political candidate.

March 26, 2006

Two Sets of Rules in Chicago

Please read It just go to show Laura Foxgrover Murphy did not get treated as other employees do during an accusation, did she get interviewed and fired by the Inspector General? Did her hearing take months on end when she had no income? I guess due process means for the chosen few. Hey lawyers, please note how she was treated as compared to other City of Chicago terminated employees. Back to court we go! On a personal note, what Laura Foxworthy Murphy did do is completely unethical and immoral.

Making Progress in Hired truck Scandal

Please enjoy this from Fran Spielman, the Chicago Sun-Times hardest working reporter. On an added note, the Department of Water Management wants to place GPS on the Chicago Hired Trucks, please tell me who is going to pay for this. Also please tell me why is thousands of Construction Projects Files are under 24 hour surveillance at 2322 South Ashland? Note to self, do not touch that paperwork, it is under F.B.I. lock-down. When the Feds unlock those files, maybe we can figure out where all the missing materials and labor disappeared to. Maybe Vulcan and the FA-6 mystery can be solved. Material Services?

March 24, 2006

Chicago Water Department Top Vote Getter

Of all the members of Chicago's Plumbers Local 130 membership and City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees contest for "Top Vote Getter in Illinois", these are the final vote totals: Patrick "Deep Water" McDonough got a total of 10301 votes for State Central Committeeman, second place went to John C. D'Amico that received 2231 votes. John Daley, Mayor Daley's brother only got 7267 votes. Patrick McDonough declared victory noting, "I never used Hired Truck money like John C. D'Amico and John Daley". "Both these guys are double dipping and McDonough kicked them to the curb", said Big Willie.

March 23, 2006

Department of Water Management New Trucks

New Trucks.jpg
On March 23 2006, city workers noted new 10 tons in the yard for a few days. The new 10 tens have Alabama licence plates. Some of the workers said the trucks are leased by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. The Central District have about four of these trucks doing nothing behind 39th and Ashland. Also some interviews were done on March 22, 2006 at the same site, to become union drivers, I do not know, are we making progress or is this another form of Hired Truck Scandal? The leasing of equipment including backhoes are something to look into.

March 22, 2006

Hired Truck Scandal Update March 22, 2006

City of Chicago Hired Truck, Littleton Trucking, was followed by a gold Ford Taurus with licence plate TTS 862 (Michigan Plate no front plate). The Taurus also had a Chicago city sticker. The Taurus was seen spying on the hired truck from 36th street and Rockwell in Chicago at 8:15 a.m. The Chicago Police interviewed the Taurus driver, a white male, who confessed he is an investigator. The Taurus is licenced to his mommy in Michigan. Just remember this little piece of information, the investigator did not check to see if the driver was: licensed, union, paid prevailing wage, or/and if the truck had valid insurance. Might I add the tires on the semi needed more thread. Please post any suspicious cars you see spying on City Workers, so we can keep a list.

March 21, 2006

Employment With City of Chicago Update.

The City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources, Application Center, 121 North LaSalle Street, Room 100 Chicago, Illinois 60602 sent out the following notice: Dated March 2, 2006. Chicago has purged all employment applications that were received before January 1, 2005. Please make sure you reapply for open jobs. Also open position can be found at Make sure all you city workers remind your children to apply again. Patrick McDonough.

March 19, 2006

Charles Thomas ABC 7 News Chicago

Charles Thomas ABC 7 Chicago.jpg
On April 1, 2005 (April Fool's Day), Mr. Charles Thomas came to 39th and Iron, Chicago Department of Water Management) to get the story on why I was terminated. I will always remember what Mr. Charles Thomas said, "This is the City of Broad Shoulders, and during these tough times this city will carry you on those broad shoulders". To this day, I will never forget what that man said to me when I hit the bottom. That was also the first day I met Frank Avila, that day Frank Avila was unreal. Charles Thomas Clout Rating: Mega-Clout with spiritual ring.
Please read

Feldman, Shakman and McDonough

Feldman, Shakman, and McDonough.jpg
On March 19, 2006, I had the honor of speaking with Michael Shakman, Edward W. Feldman. This was my second meeting with Michael Shakman. Again, I told a few more stories about the way Chicago does Hiring and Firing in Chicago. I went with Frank Avila, my Attorney. I got the impression Michael Shakman is sick about the way his Shakman Decree was a scrap piece of paper to the Corrupt Daley Administration. Mr. Shakman does not endorse candidates. I wish he endorsed Frank Avila and Patrick McDonough. Patrick McDonough.

Frank Avila At Sheriff Slating

Frank Avila Sheriff Slating.jpg
On March 19, 2006, Frank Avila went downtown to speak his mind on the back door slating of Tom Dart. Frank got lots of press when he asked for a more balanced ticket. Tom Dart was Slated but I loved Alderman Dorthy Tillman putting up a fight. Some of the Chicago and County Committeeman act so self important, hey "Get Real". Photo, Patrick McDonough.

Frank Avila, Park Ridge Support

Frank Avila Park Ridge Support.jpg
Many people in Park Ridge are becoming more Democratic than ever before. There seems to be more interest than when I grew up in Park Ridge. Please enjoy picture from left, Burt Cusentino, Terry Somen, "Top Gun Lawyer" Frank Avila, Gloria Ranelli, Frank Musillami, and Debbie Horn, of Park Ridge, Illinois. Frank Avila is a Political Pop Star. The event was a SEIU/Frank Coconate, Northwest Side Democratic Organization Rally. Photos By Patrick McDonough. Fally on March 10, 2006 at Park Ridge V.F.W. Hall.

Randall Sherman Secretary/Treasurer/ICHG

Randall Sherman.jpg
This is Randall Sherman the Secretary/Treasurer of the Illinois Committee for Honest Government. Randall is also a Television Producer since 1990. He has produced shows with Frank Avila, Frank Coconate, Mick Dumke and the "SuperStar" Patrick McDonough. The shows were very informative and are seen on CAN-TV in Chicago. I do not know people with as much political information as Randall. He is a Chicago Treasure. Contact Randal at: Clout Rating: I am Biased, I respect Randall greatly.

March 18, 2006

James Sullivan Plumber's Local 130

James Sullivan.jpg
On March 18, 2006, Plumber's Local 130 Business Manager, James Sullivan, thanked all the Plumbers that showed up for the Political Action Task Force. At the Plumber's Chicago and State mandatory required licence four hour renewal class, James Sullivan requested 500 Plumbers for politicking. On Saturday, March 18, 2006 only about 55 Plumbers attended to pass out Political literature. After Tom Dart, a Sheriff Candidate spoke, we went politicking in the 47 ward. I asked some Union Local 130 Plumbers from Chicago why the light showing, I was told since Mayor Daley's Hiring Scandal, Local 130 cannot get Chicago city jobs on union clout anymore, so why do politics. The old Business Manager, Gerald Sullivan, could get city plumbing jobs for it's members. Also Local 130 does not go to bat for it's members that are employed by Chicago Water Department. Clout: Union money, losing clout quick.

March 17, 2006

Mark Brown Chicago Sun-Times

Mark Brown.jpg
I met mark Brown in 2003 in Andersonville, I spoke with Mark about the Corruption in the Chicago Water Department. (Chicago Water Management). Chicago changes names of departments after the Feds go through and clean them up. Mark Brown is a well respected writer in Chicago. If you wish to tell him your story, be prepared, be organized , and be honest. I assure you what makes Mark Brown great is he looks right through the person and into your soul. Do not call Mark Brown if you think you will b.s. him. Mark Brown in my opinion, made the "Hired Truck Scandal", unravel into what it is today. Patrick D. McDonough.
Mark Brown Clout Rating: Highest and Deserved.

Chicago Tribune Elite Reporters

I am sorry I do not have any pictures of these Awesome Reporters. If I catch them sneaking around Chicago City Hall trying to get a straight answer, I will update this post. I have attempted to help these Chicago Tribune Reporters on several occassions. Gary Washburn had a scandal and one half with the "Clout and Overtime", but Mayor Daley's Administration published the Overtime List prior to publication. Remember one thing for absolute certain, Reporters of this high caliber research, double check, and redouble check. It takes time to be sure everything is correct. While getting FOIA,(freedom of information act request) the administration can act quickly to cover things up.
If you have a story, I recommend calling Chicago Tribune's best, Laurie Cohen, Gary Washburn, Todd Lighty, and Dan Mihalopulos, leave message at 1-312-222-4316. Have information in hand, be organized. Clout: Highest rating.

Jesse Jackson Jr. & Son

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Son.jpg
I met Jesse Jackson Jr. on several occasions. He has a beautiful wife and daughter. Even with media present, Mr. Jackson made time for his family. You could tell this is not staged, Jesse's son enjoys his father. I also rate clout on how a person is received by his family, I am impressed. Future Mayor? Well Frank Coconate? I have more pictures of Jesse Jackson Jr. with his family, they look like first family photos. Patrick McDonough. Clout rating: keeps getting better by the second. Classy Clout.

Mystery Man, Frank Avila, and Ivan Tomic

Frank Avila & Ivan Tomic.jpg

Who is making Frank Avila laugh so hard? Please comment. This posting is not fair. I am bias. I have got to know Frank Avila very well. I am impressed by how hard he works, his wonderful parents, and sister that will become a lawyer soon. Frank Avila worked very hard for me and my family when I lost my job, his lawyer skills are unmatched. The other gentleman on the far right is Ivan Tomic, Ivan is a skilled attorney and helped me on the last day of my hearing. I owe much to Ivan and his sister that just had a child. Nice going. Frank Avila and Ivan Tomic work well together at their law firm in Chicago. I will give a clout rating separately later. Thank you for everything, Patrick McDonough

Frank Coconate in Action

Frank Coconate.jpg
I have known Frank Coconate for a long time. I have realized that he is truly passionate in his love for his family. Thanks to Frank, I found someone else that is not afraid to talk up about Chicago City Hall Corruption. Frank Coconate's love for his fellow city worker has no equal. Frank's reward for exposing corruption in Chicago resulted in his termination. To fire Frank Coconate is an insult to every taxpayer. Frank is a steady, and rock solid source to Chicago Media. He has been on T.V. and print numerous time. He is the source behind many stories. This photo was taken by Kelly Bryan, she is a student I hired to photograph my hearing. Such artistic style. In the clout rating I am biased. Frank Coconate is a true Chicago Hero. Patrick McDonough