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Des Plaines TIF's under attack

Des Plaines TIF's  signs.jpg
A movement is underway in Des Plaines Illinois to wrestle back control of the City Council's demands to regulate TIFs. Some citizens are demanding a referendum to stop the spread of Tifs in Des Plaines, Illinois. What started out as a small TIF area, is quickly turning into a large multiple TIF expansions. Illinois politicians that pride themselves on clout and corruption, have taken to TIFs like a Chicago Alderman to a cash stuffed envelope. Bottom line, Des Plaines abuses TIFs and TIFs are privatizing your property taxes. I hope this community learns this will shortchange the homeowner. The Tifs have not worked in Chicago, so why would Des Plaines want the same nightmares and headaches Chicago Citizens are stuck with? Photo by Patrick McDonough.


I am very grateful for your wife's help on getting the word out. The help from Chicago City Workers was awesome.