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Major Victory for Mayor Daley Chicago Number One Again

Please read this article http://www.chicagobusiness.com/cgi-bin/news.pl?id=22565
Well say what you wish but the Sky High Taxes due to Mayor Daley's Policies made Chicago and Cook County number one. This is another sad chapter in Chicago Politics. Thank you Chicagoist for this info. Make sure to visit this web site, the young kids are pretty smart http://www.chicagoist.com/ Patrick McDonough


It is also the overpriced houses, condos, townhomes etc. WHO CAN AFFORD THOSE PRICES????
Foreclosures and bankruptcy is all that will result

I am about to lose my house because of this new bill the government have passed about the zip code I live in 60620, My niece switch jobs, it did not work out. so no money coming in but mine and it's not enough. thinking my best out was to refinance again it can give me some time, for her 3nd new job to work out. I am losing every thing and can't do nothing.