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Chicago Public School Principal Busted on a Residency Rule Violation

Rito Martinez is a City of Chicago Principal busted with property outside the City of Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times gave him star status; he must have been a cut above the typical City of Chicago Public School teacher or principal. The comment section on the Sun-Time article evoked strong emotion on the issue. This could also be a Black, White, Hispanic issue. The Daley family started the residency rule in Chicago because of white flight to the suburbs. The Daley family realized the blacks could become a majority. The blacks would have decent jobs, build their financial strength and prosper. The blacks could have leadership roles in the Unions, businesses, and get a piece of the proverbial pie. Anyone from the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago knows segregation continues same as the slave days of old. Interrelations between blacks and whites were not permitted, by restrictive covenants (nothing has changed). I admit I was always for the Residency rule in Chicago, but my mind has changed. Why? Mayor Daley bypassed blacks a fair and equal piece of the financial pie by allowing Hispanics to live in the City of Chicago without proper immigration status. Millions of illegal aliens are allowed to work and live in Chicago. Daley ordered the Chicago Police not to arrest or ask for a person's legal right to be in the country. I guess just like Jody Weis, Daley's administration feel they can bypass federal law. The laws in Chicago give more protection to illegal Hispanics than a Hispanic American principal of a Chicago school. In Chicago you can cross the American border and make a living without paying taxes in Chicago, but a legal Hispanic like Rito Martinez allegedly crossing a neighboring city border is going to be fired. I think we need to look closer into the Daley, Hitler, third Reich residency requirements. Anytime you allow a crazy despot bent on controlling were people go and what activities are done on a person's own time you take away all the freedoms America promises its citizens. I thought someone like Barack Obama would get in office and stop this madness. I guess he is too busy finding way to appease his lordship Mayor Ricardo Daley. If you read the CPS Inspector General report, residency laws are not equally enforced, exceptions are made. Someday Rito will find out why he was fired, Daley has the job for some else. I hope Rito figures out Daley wants him in Chicago to help with politics. Think about the whole picture this article presents, we are just touching on the subject. Patrick McDonough


jesus man, youre going from sticking up for yourself and the working person , all the way to crazy , obsessed, i hate daley ranting. i picture you sitting in a dark room alone with your computer with pictures of daley tacked up all over the walls.

no really tho.... relax. you have a nice job. you dont have any serious medical problems, life is good man.be happy.

Residency rule is good for Chicago. It keeps money in Chicago. It helps stabilize neighborhoods.
It gives people an investment in where they work.

Some good people do get hurt. There are some legal and even constitutional issues.
But on public policy grounds it is a good idea.

(Response) Would you believe people shop for the lowest price? Daley sends billions out of Chicago, so the policy on expanding trade is a fallacy? Are you saying free trade is good for the U.S.?

What's the matter. Are you afraid a black or hispanic family will move next door to you in your nice white neighborhood? Oh no....There goes your stabilized neighborhood. We better run to the southside..Oh shit there over here also. What am I gonna do. And where do you come up with an investment where you work. Who are you f'in kidding. Your a prejudice jackass. The only thing you said correctly is that it's unconstitutional and it probably hurt you to type every word of it..

Hey Neil....Who are the good people that get hurt?? The people with clout? And what is the legal and unconstitutional issues your talking about. Please enlighten me. I only live in an average neighborhood, not a stabilized one like you. Some of the people on my block don't work in the city of chicago so they must go to work and just collect a check because they don't work for the city.. They don't have an "investment" in there work. Get off your soapbox and get a life

Don't worry Rito, if the community barks loud enough, Daley will find a way to go around the system and get you the job back or even get you a better job! All you got to do is kiss his ring and put a few bucks in his pocket. You were great for the school. Sorry to see you go..... Oh yeah, Hey neil... Kiss my a**

The CPS Inspector General report states residency laws are not equally enforced, "exceptions are made."..... Wait until Daley see's this. The IG will be looking for another job soon. How many lawsuits will this open up.I think he just opened up a can of worms.

Look out Neil, in your stabilized neighborhood. I'm moving in next door to you. I'm gonna play "La Bamba" all day, everyday until you get sick. Then I'm gonna have all seven of my brothers and sisters with there five kids come over every weekend and have pinata parties on the front lawn all summer long. By the way, can you keep your car in the garage so I have enough parking on the street for all ten of my cars.. I would greatly appreciate it. My family doesn't like to walk much after drinking Medalla light all day and night. There very lazy. It will also make it easier to find there car when they finally go home at about 3am. By the way Medalla is beer in case you didn't know. You'll know what it is when I move in though because you'll probably find some empty cans in your front bushes. I apologize in advance for my family.

At least 15% live out. 3-4% have permission to do so...... Does a certain CPD supervisor, on the southside want to make any comments on this. She arrested a guy up who served his time. Now that he's out, she stated her case to the board she didn't feel safe living in the City so she now lives in Dalton with her husband who is also a City employee- The Dalton PD must be able to protect her better than the CPD. (Maybee Jody should take some pointers from the Dalton PD.) Endless calls to IAD on this by many of us in the district.. The kicker is, everyone knows and jokes about it. Go figure. Why do I have to live here and the clout heavy can do what they want? I would rather move to Mayberry with less taxes and no political drama and better public schools for my kids? Stay tuned...... Names from public records will be posted of the clout heavy soon on the non city living employees....and let the flood gates open in federal court.
(Response) Chicago Clout is here to help you, keep in touch

Why do white principals such as James Gilliat of Pasteur School get away with living in Orland Park, and still be a principal at Chicago Public School. Maybe because he bought a house in Chicago to cover his back, but he really does not live there. Maybe he has clout and is untouchable.
(Response) We will look into this.