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October 24, 2008

Whistleblowing Plumbing Inspector Michael McGann's Fox News Video

Please click here to enjoy the News footage of last night news. http://www.myfoxchicago.com/myfox/pages/Home/Detail;jsessionid=38DB1518CE2EA35CED12F1A525A5691C?contentId=7710435&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1 How do you get over a major Chicago flu? I was ordered (via subpoena) to show up and wait to testify as a witness after the City of Chicago gave some punishment to Michael McGann. I will talk more about the events in detail later. When the City' witness was on the stand he answered the questions, and when Frank Avila got a hold of him, it sounded like a knife fight. I wish I could hear, but that is against the law. Someone should have told the witness because he was on the phone during breaks telling someone the progress. That is not nice. I am sick as a dog from that day. I am glad the Chicago Media is more aware of the crimes against Chicago City Workers. Patrick McDonough

October 16, 2008

Pat the Plumber takes on Joe the Plumber

Joe you are an ass. You do not have a plumber's license so you are Joe the phony. Do not call yourself a plumber, you are not a Plumber. I am a Plumber, you bum. Patrick "Pat the Plumber" McDonough.

October 13, 2008

Chicagoland Water Main Company goes broke waiting for pay from Illinois Government

I used to work for this company but they went broke. They hired me because they needed a licensed plumber on the jobsite. They were caught by a plumbing Inspector actually doing his job. If you look around Chicago, Mayor Daley is spending billions on private contractors while he readies to lay off Chicago City Workers. My website told you a long time ago Chicago is broke. The debt Chicago has is really well over 500,000,000 dollars. Now is the time to come forward with the truth if you want to save your job. It has been easy being Mayor in Chicago when the money rolled in, now Daley is under intense pressure and will soon buckle. If Mayor Daley fires anyone, I will be proven correct on every aspect of his leadership. I also wrote months ago about the crime wave that would hit Chicago this year, I was correct again. Mayor Daley has new water mains installations going full blast around Chicago. Open your eyes, Daley's construction pals are making a mint and getting paid in a preferential manner. Times were so good before, Mayor Daley's son Patrick was in the sewer business. Enjoy Patrick McDonough

October 10, 2008

What is your opinion of Barack Obama and Chicago Clout money?

October 9, 2008

Alderman Suarez of Chicago's 31st Ward eats on City Time

Alderman Suarez Chicago.jpg Chicago Garbage men and women are under attack by the Chicago Inspector General. Make sure you read this article by Fran Spielman. The all new Chicago Inspector General is developing a reputation under David Hoffman for giving a better bang for a buck. My biggest problem is Mayor Daley purposely underfunding both the I.G. and the Chicago Police Department. Yesterday, the Chicago City Council approved a multi-billion dollar Midway Airport deal. I just do not understand why these Aldermen in Chicago just do not do their jobs. Daley has been handed too much power, the checks and balances are just not in the system. This Alderman has a part time job with full time pay. I have advocated for a long time the large amount of Aldermen in Chicago, this dilutes their power. We need just 25 Aldermen, not a single one more. Back to the trash men and women in Chicago, I do not fault you for taking needed breaks; you deserve every penny you receive. If you have ever followed behind a garbage truck in the summer, the smell from rotten food, watching the sloppy water gush around, maggots and filth is enough to make a sewer worker gag. If you need a break take one. Daley will use this to advance his anti-union cause, which is a shame. I have watched Garbage men and women drive down narrow streets earning every penny they get. Private non-union trash haulers in the suburbs will not have to live in the City of Chicago, they will not be required to abide by the Chicago Residency requirements. The Inspector General have never verified the 50% residency laws private contractors must abide by, and they have never punished private contractors that provide false and misleading addresses. I hope when the smoke settles, David Hoffman looks at all the bosses of these workers and fire these 11th ward bums. I also hope the ones drinking on the job and sitting at home are also fired. Mayor Daley misuses his office, having the wealthy pay his way all over the globe, so the workers are following his selfish example. I think the I.G. should be given the power to investigate the Aldermen now, this chap is making over $100,000.00 a year eating breakfast, while the poor Mexicans in his ward are losing their homes. October 9, 2008 BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter Chicago garbage collection crews work fewer than six hours a day -- and get "paid to do nothing" for 25 percent of their time on the clock -- costing taxpayers at least $14.3 million a year, according to an internal investigation denounced as a "witch hunt." During a 10-ward, 10-week surveillance, Inspector General David Hoffman found that waste and falsification of time in the Bureau of Sanitation is "systemic and pervasive and extends to all wards," aided and abetted by poor supervision by layer upon layer of middle management. RELATED PDFInspector's report on garbage crews Laborers and truck drivers whose movements were eyeballed and tracked by undercover investigators were found to be in bars and restaurants, relaxing at home, sitting in their cars or standing around drinking and, in one case, urinating on the street when they were supposed to be hard at work. Of the 145 laborers whose daily movements were tracked, investigators "did not see a single laborer doing a full day's work." The worst ward had crews slacking off for an average of two hours, 28 minutes a day. In the best-performing ward, laborers were paid to do nothing for one hour, 38 minutes. When the cost of employee benefits and the price tag for maintaining and fueling trucks is factored in, the annual waste citywide approaches $21 million, the inspector general found. The malingering is so pervasive, the city could pick up the same amount of garbage with 25 percent fewer employees, provided the survivors work a full 8.5-hour shift with 30 minutes off for lunch. Hoffman identified "extremely poor supervision" as the "principal cause" for the waste and fraud that Chicago taxpayers can ill afford. Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Michael Picardi said he was "disgusted" by the findings. Picardi said he summoned his 50 ward superintendents to a late afternoon meeting, where he read them the riot act and warned of disciplinary action. "I'm appalled by these findings," he said. "I want to send a clear message to all the employees included in this: You should worry about your job." But Picardi described the malingerers as "a few bad apples" and insisted that "most" of his 3,000 employees ''put in a full day's work." "I'm not going to resign. . . . The team doesn't have a lousy record. The team just won an award for national snow removal for the first time in the department's history.'' Lou Phillips, business manager for Laborers Union Local 1001, said it's no accident that Hoffman issued his report at a time when hundreds of laborers are targeted for layoffs to ease a budget crunch. "Sounds a little bit like a witch hunt to me. They're laying off 1,080 people. Over 300 are members of Local 1001. Read between the lines," he said. "It could be a downed truck. It could be between loads. There's a number of different situations" that could cause down time.

October 8, 2008

Dave Savini exposes major story on Chicago Teachers abusing Students

Dave Savini CBS2chicago.jpg Dave Savini is one of the most trusted reporters in Chicagoland. I visited the new studio close to Chicago City Hall and went through all the new floors on block 37. CBS channel two news had some reception issues as the suburbs expanded. This cost some customers. I get the feeling when the digital law transfers soon, the signal problem that was a disadvantage for so long might make this station a comeback kid. Many of Chicago's channel two stars were very polite to me. I also met the big boss, Mr. Ahern and he was very nice. I sense CBS 2 News in Chicago is very hungry to become the top station again. Please make sure you read and watch the video of the beating Chicago School kids took from teachers. Here: http://cbs2chicago.com/investigations/cps.chicago.public.2.835842.html These teachers belong in jail. Thank you to Mr. Savini and his wonderful Investigative Producer Michele Youngerman. Thank you again for the visit, the new station is state of the art!!! Photo by Patrick McDonough.

October 2, 2008

Attorney Russ Stewart at Dirksen Federal Building Today Protects Chicago City Workers

Attorney Russ Stewart.jpg It was not fun and games for several current and former Chicago City workers today. They met with prestigious Park Ridge Attorney and columnist Russ Stewart to forward their complaints in front of Federal Judge Joan B. Gottschall at the Dirksen Federal Building. Please note from left to right, Terry Doherty (former laborer Chicago Department of Water Management) Thomas McDarrah (Bricklayer foreman) Charles Walker (former Building Department Inspector) Steve Collier (former DWM engineer) Attorney Russ Stewart John Sweitczak (Plumbing Inspector), Bruce Randazzo (DWM teamster) Victor Crown (legal research). These men suffered adversities during their employment at the City of Chicago, despite the laws to protect them. The men will fight for all Chicago City Workers. Many more current employees are subject to their day in court, please contact me so I can schedule your petitions and get you in front of a Federal Judge. This complex legal strategy was perfected and implemented thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Advocate General Directors Patrick McDonough, Michael McGann, John Sweitczak, and legal researcher Victor Crown. Meetings with attorneys Mr. Russ Stewart and Frank Avila Jr., Ivan Tomic, and Rachel Goodstein explored several legal angles. I was surprised at all the money the City of Chicago is spending on private law firms to defend these cases. I think Chicago City lawyers should defend the taxpayers. I wish all these people good luck and I am proud of all of them exercising their legal rights. Photo by Patrick McDonough.