October 15, 2014

Chicago Whistleblower exposed Chicago Police Detective Mullane per Michael Volpe

Notable Chicago Whistleblower Faces Retaliation, Says Off-Duty Cop Assaulted Him  Michael Volpe  October 15, 2014  News, Rebel Pundit 1 Comment 1 The man responsible for blowing the lid off the biggest scandal during the tenure of Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, says not only was he assaulted by an off duty Chicago Police Officer but the incident was made to look like he was in the wrong. Pat McDonough is a plumbing inspector with the Department of Water Management (DWM) for the City of Chicago, in 2005 he discovered and became the main source for the award winning Chicago Sun Times series on the Chicago Hired Truck Scandal. On July 30, 2011, McDonough led a team of three (DWM) employees to investigate a complaint from a homeowner that a City of Chicago water sewer had caused the homeowner's flooded basement on the 7700 block of West Clarence. After inspecting the sewer system on that block, McDonough told the homeowner, Kevin Mullane, the problem wasn't in the city's sewer system. When Mullane, a Chicago Police Officer, insisted his basement be fixed, McDonough explained that he was a plumbing inspector and not allowed to fix plumbing problems. "You are not going to leave here until you pump out my basement," Mullane told McDonough, according to transcripts from a Chicago Inspector General (OIG) investigation report. At that point all parties agree that Mullane followed McDonough who ordered his crew into the truck. A verbal altercation followed and then McDonough and Mullane both claimed the other became physical. After police were called to the scene, McDonough and his two crew members repeated the same story: Mullane followed McDonough, pushed him to the ground, and wouldn't allow the truck to leave. While waiting for the police to finish their report, McDonough said an elderly neighbor who was outside mentioned to him that Mullane was a police officer. McDonough told Rebel Pundit, at that point he feared the incident would be covered. Please go to rebel pundit for the rest of the story link is here:http://rebelpundit.com/notable-chicago-whistleblower-says-off-duty-cop-assaulted-him/#comment-32520

October 14, 2014

Chicago 44th Ward Aldermanic Choice is Clear Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas 44th Ward Chicago Clout.jpgIt is almost that time again to vote for the folks that will help you and your family. In Chicago, the case could be made for to vote for the person that will help himself and his friends to your money. The 44th Ward has been poorly run by Tom Tunney. Tunney involved himself in pushing promotions for former Alderman Hansen son, the DUI kid Paul Hansen. The Chicago Inspector General has never accounted Tunney for this blatant shakman violation. Tunney was also able to cover for City worker transgressions and let his pals off the hook for serious crimes. The 44th Ward is a money making machine for Tunney, but now is the time for fresh leadership. Also if you ate Tunney's cinnamon rolls piled up on the dirty floor, you'd think you ate dry flour. I will never eat there again. I hope my friends in the 44th Ward look at the issues and I hope Tunney starts making good food for a change. Dump the Dummy.

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Chicago Cop Assaulted allegedly by Water Management Plumber

Cray Cray Po Po Chicago Police.jpg City of Chicago Police Detective Kevin Mullane accused City of Chicago Department of Water Management Plumber and State Inspector Patrick McDonough of roughing him up at the 7700 block of West Clarence on July 30, 2011. Kevin Mullane showed up at a Hearing to tell his side of the story on October 8. 2014. It was a City of Chicago Human Resources Board appeal hearing. A visually shaken Detective Mullane recounted his story. Just prior to his testimony, a City Attorney was furious McDonough was videotaping the Hearing. Patrick McDonough was ordered to stop videotaping despite his permission by the Hearing Board to do so. Some of the witnesses refused to have themselves videotaped for fear of being on YouTube or Chicago Clout. An emergency complaint was put into Lisa Madigan's States Attorney Office for a ruling. Sarah Pratt, Public Access Counselor, Office of the Attorney General, 500 S. 2nd Street Springfield, Illinois 62706 is fully apprised of the complaint. When questioned, Patrick McDonough said, "the taxpayers of the City of Chicago should not only know what their employees are doing, but also know what the Inspector General, and the Human Resources Board rulings are in these cases. Top Gun Union Attorney John Toomey did a great job defending the accused. I suggest you all enjoy more legal football on November 5, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Special thanks to Attorney and advocate Rachel Goodstein for the watchful eyes!!!