Alderman Burke Fundraiser at Sheraton Grand Hotel attracts the fleas

Alderman Edwarts “The Diaper” Burke has been covered in Doo Doo since he continues his selfish grab for power and money. Burke lives in a million-dollar house in the 14th Ward like a slave master. Most the homes and apartment are for working class people that make Chicago run. Burke has kept an iron grip on Chicago money and doles it out when he pleases. Burke has made people wait for years on lawsuits just to screw with them. Burke has caused suffering to many Chicago residents since their lawyers refuse to pay tribute to Burke at settlement time. Ed Burke is called “The Diaper” now due to his rotten smelling diapers from his bowel and prostrate cancer. Time to go Ed.


Last night, Thomas Powers, the former Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Water Management was at the bar prior to the fundraiser. With him was, Luci Pope Cozzi and her newest husband Andy Anderson. All three are terminated from their gray jobs at the Chicago Water Department. Rumor says Powers is angling for a job at the MWSD and Luci and Andy are attempting to get DOWM business through contracts. More on this later.


Luci’s family will need to again ask Burke for favors. Will Burke look the other way after Luci lost her job from the Paull Hansen email scandal? Ole man Pope showed up to pay homage as did sneaky Joe Moore alderman of the 49th Ward. Joe Moore got his expenses paid by Ed Burke when he travels to Washington D.C.  Taxpayers got screwed again. Ald. Laurino paid the outfit tribute to Burke. I saw Sun-times Mark Brown looking very dapper. I also saw some Chicago mob figures, Union goons, cops, thugs, and a few circulators for Burke.


One figure was Mara Georges, a once striking figure Rich Daley enjoyed, that now looks like an old scrub woman. I also talked to Mary Ann Ahern, a NBC reporter that is so attractive I was left speechless. I also saw WTTW Star and handsome Paris Schutz. Paris was the original reporter that started asking questions into Alderman Burke and his Committee on Finance and handling of workers compensation claims.


I interviewed several attendees and they said Burke did some nice things and favors in the past, so they wanted to show their respect. Some also said their politician careers and falling off, so they hoped for some attention. Many also were part of the Chicago inside law system, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, and contractors that got millions in business from Chairman Burke and his committees. Burke and his reckless spending has ruined Chicago. Many the FEDS can straighten out the mess in Burkes depends.

Chicago Department of Water Management left the alley a mess. Fix it NOW.

Time to fire Commissioner Randy Conner of the Chicago Department of Water Management. As a cement finisher, it made no sense to have this man as a Commissioner. Today, I had the honor to witness Garry McCarthy on his local campaign to listen to the problems Chicago Business and homeowners are having with the Management team Rahm Emanuel put together the last 8 years.


I am certain Garry was not ready for the many problems businesses have with an already competitive environment.  The world is a tough place to compete. The last thing you need is a City that makes a lousy attempt to provide needed services you are paying for. Safety first Chicago.


One such story revolves around Slidematic, at 4520 West Addison in Chicago. I was impressed by the neat and clean workplace and the many steps they have taken to provide good jobs for Chicago residents. Chicago needs every job it can get. The last thing Chicago needs to do is give a company an excuse to move to the suburbs. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spent far too much time and effort on the downtown area.


I just got off the phone with Kathleen at the DOWM main Jardine Plant. She assured me an investigator will look into my concerns and get something done. Thank you, Kathleen, that is what the public demands. Special thanks to Garry McCarthy.