March 4, 2015

Rest in Peace my friend Mark Anderson

March 3, 2015

Rahm Emanuel visits City Water Management Workers for Politics

Rahm Emanuel talks to City Workers Politics on City time Final - Copy.jpg Here we go again with Rahm Emanuel visiting Chicago Department of Water Management employees attempting to stay out of politics. It is hard to complete a day's work for a day's pay when Rahm Emanuel wants to again pretend he is the go to guy for City Workers. Just four years ago, Rahm used many City Workers and Union Goons to get him elected. Those guys quickly got promotions and City Jobs. Some also became foreman in record time. A lousy Inspector General in Chicago just walks away from these investigation so he could get another four years paycheck for himself. Most folks that follow politics, know Rahm was not seen with peon city workers for four years. His "lifetime" job allowed him to travel the world on taxpayer's dime and go to fancy hotels living like a player. Rahm, this election, has fallen back in love with black folks now that his lifestyle is in jeopardy. At the debates, Rahm had some scary cold sores on his lips showing he is in a real panic. He had some goofy freak at his Election Day rally in the background that could not stop crying. I hope more people come out and vote. I also hope Chuy and Rahm debate this time. I am suggesting all City Workers take a massive pay cut to help the city out of debt. We also need to undo every promotion Rahm has made in the last four years. I suggest Rahm gives every city workers a 25% pay reduction until the books are balanced. Rahm also needs to stop using Chicago Police as his personal gestapo. I also hope Rahm and the Jeffrey Epstein mess does not take a toll on Rahm. More on this later.

February 6, 2015

Rahm Emanuel's top Water Department employee busted with prostitution Sting.

Brian Tierney City of Chicago.jpg Brian Tierney is an Operating Engineer for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He works under Paul E. Hansen son of former Alderman Bernie Hansen, a former trash man made superstar thanks to Alderman Tunney. The North District is the home of heroin deals, pay to play for overtime, bribes and non-stop criminal activities. In fact, get a DUI, cry to Rahm and get promoted!!! Brian is not a bad guy, but if Rahm is paying guys over $100,00.00 per year, you got money for high class prostitutes. Brian Tierney has got high class clout, so he might be able to cover this up. So lets see what Mr. Bresnahan and Mr. Powers have to say about this crazy non-sense. Lets watch what the Mayor of Chicago says before the election. Let's hear what Michael Tierney says. This is conduct unbecoming. Joe Ferguson of the Chicago Inspector General can not cover this up again. Folks, the Chicago Sun-Times stopped publishing these type of stories when Rahm ordered them to.

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