January 17, 2017

Dominick Tomasello RIP January 8 2017 Feds please step in.

We at Chicago Clout meet many folks that in in trouble. I received Dominic's name and number from a guy I knew for years that was screwed around by the city. Since I know many people, politician, and insiders, people felt I could help Dominic. Dominic had a brutal divorce. He seemed obsessive compulsive towards his daughter and ex-wife. For some reason, he felt he could fix whatever was wrong and try again. I felt Dominic was completely unrealistic. Dominic felt people were interfering with his former relationship; he did everything he could to expose alleged wrong doing.
The story he told me was far too complex. Dominic also had a hard time keeping the same story and crafted events to fit the audience. I also could sit in amazement that a man could keep such a clean and wonderful home. Dominic also made strong accusations against the mob, his friends, his lawyers. He was also quick to give away his money if you said you could help him.
Dominic was hit on the head at work. This was the final straw. The Committee on Finance screwed him around, withheld his checks, made him go back to work sick. The usual. His story was so complex, I felt only Michael Volpe had the skills to handle his situation. To all the people that took his money, withheld his money, and denied care, I hope Hell is real. To the Cook County Court System that kept two ankle bracelets on him, like he was an animal, I hope you are proud of yourself. I also hope Alderman Burke rots in hell for the way the city treats an injured worker. Two ankle monitors and they sat on him being dead for two days? Rest in peace.

January 10, 2017

Dear City of Chicago, Do not drink the water, signed a plumbing inspector

Jardine Water Plant 2017-01-10_23-03-49.jpg I am a City of Chicago Employee at the Department of Water Management and a Certified State Plumbing Inspector. You can also call 411 and you should request a test. I know for a fact; the City of Chicago has hired and promoted people unlicensed to work on potable drinking water in Chicago. The taxpayers are on the hook. I also know for a fact, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management has done everything they can to avoid fulfilling FOIA requests so needed additional research to protect the public drinking water, could be shut down. I also know for a fact the City of Chicago, to hide all the private contractors, scam deals, and millions in fraudulent work, have fought FOIA requests citing "safety of the drinking water supply". I also know when the Chicago Department of Water Management refused to open to this fair inquiry, set themselves up for a massive lawsuit. They are stuck taking responsibility for possible billions of dollars in lawsuits. Rahm Emanuel just raised the price of this water and it will not be enough. I also know Rahm Emanuel scammed the City of Chicago from thousand in fees when he remodeled his house. Also, Rahm Emanuel had a new Water Main right after he was put into office, and again was exposed for his fraud. The taxpayers also picked up his tab for a tap for his lot next door. Yes, I hope to see all the pictures in court. Today on January 9, 2017, Powerhouse attorneys for the law firm Hagens, Berman, Sobol, Shapiro LLP including top gun Attorneys Mark T. Vazquez and Elizabeth A. Fegan, also Steve W. Berman, Attorney of Seattle, Top Gun Philip H. Corboy, Jr. of Corboy & Demetrio; and David Freydin, Attorney and Timothy A. Scott, Attorney of Freydin Law Firm LLP. Look folks, if you have this army after you, you should try to minimize the damage. I heard Rahm is going to have some politically powerful law firms at massive amount of money try to reduce the losing battle. This is the same Department of Water Management that fired a City of Chicago Plumbing inspector that exposed Fecal (SHIT) matter in the drinking water served to children. Maybe when Tom Powers, P.E. was removed (as Commissioner) from protecting the Chicago Drinking Water, Rahm thought he could play stupid in court and everyone would forget about Thomas Powers, P.E.. Please see attached Complaint demanding a Jury Trial in front of the Honorable Rodolfo Garcia NO. 2016-CH-02292. Gordon Berry and Ilya Peysin vs. City of Chicago. It makes powerful reading. I also want Chicago City Workers like Caulkers (lead) and Plumbers to get lead tested at work. It is a simple blood test. I will make sure you get a great lawyer. Do not file a workers' compensation case for lead poising. Please feel free to contact me and I will help anyone who needs it. This cover-up must end.

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December 29, 2016

Vocamotive Vocational Training you do not need or want

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December 21, 2016

Reginald Williams challenges Alderman Buke and Committee on Finance

Patrick McDonough Jay Stone The Chicago Defender final.jpg On January 7, 2013, Reginald Williams Sr. was involved in an accident while working for the City of Chicago. To make his story simple is not possible due to Alderman Burke and the carnival barkers over at the City of Chicago Committee on Finance. Alderman Burke loves this position lording over the Committee on Finance because he can shake down medical providers for campaign contributions. Venders feel pressure when the phone calls come in to "donate" to political campaigns of Burke's choice. Vendors also feel pressure, when the Committee on Finance wants non-political injured employees to be released back to work or issued MMI decisions. Many Chicago City workers are forced back to work injured and become addicted to opiates and other pain killers, to get through the day. That is part of the reason for the illegal drug trade at the City of Chicago. It is also a reason why Mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses to drug test all employees. The treatment the city of Chicago gave to Reginald Williams, Sr. is truly a violation of the Illinois Workers Compensation Board. When an employee is injured, they should expect great medical care in a timely manner. The City of Chicago routinely has injured employees waiting for months for medical approvals, physical therapy, and surgeries. Many City employees never get the medications they desperately need. The City of Chicago relies on medical providers like Med Risk and Coventry to provide the minimum necessary treatment. They also make medical decisions although they are not doctors. The decisions they make are not based on an actual physical contact, amazing. The Committee on Finance does not provide medical decisions in writing to the injured, it is all a secret. In fact, The Illinois Attorney General is attempting to force the Committee on Finance to release my medical records. There is little doubt Alderman Burke fires black city workers to send a message of terror to "play along with the program". Maybe Alderman Burke should explain to his wife and all Chicago taxpayers why he is so smitten with Monica Somerville, the executioner for the Committee on Finance. Stopping Mr. Williams pay is cruel and unusual punishment. Monica Somerville is a fired City lawyer that falsely accused her boss of misconduct. Monica Somerville should explain why she is not on the Chicago "Do Not Hire List". Allegedly she was also picked up on the Southside of Chicago by the police in a haze. The Chicago Defender did a great article about Mr. Williams so make sure you google that. Paris Schultz of Wttw Chicago tonight had an excellent interview with Jay Stone and Patrick McDonough regarding the treatment of injured Chicago City Workers. On April 6th 2016, Jay Stone and Patrick McDonough were invited to The Chicago Defender with several black Chicago City Workers that also spoke to attorneys to explain the way Chicago handles workers' compensation claims. Ken Hare a former reporter at the Defender sat on the story killing the momentum created by Jay Stone. Finally, a decision was made on August 8, 2016 to reward Reginald Willams what was fairly due him. Reginald Williams attorney is Al Koritsaris claiming a victory. The Attorney from the City of Chicago Corporation Counsel is Nancy J Shepard. Last I heard, the City is going to appeal, just to be ignorant. The Case number is 13WC002370 I strongly suggest everyone read this. Please remember the Chicago Inspector General has done nothing despite complaints. Joe Ferguson needs to do his job or he needs to quit. All he worries about is getting his moldy nose on the suntimes. UGGGG.

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Chicago Committee on Finance with Alderman Burke Video 2

Please make sure you watch this video so you learn about Alderman Burke and the way the Chicago Police harass Chicago City Workers injured on the job. Vocamotive, Vocational training.