Lori Lightfoot wants you

Chicago Mayor in waiting for Lori Lightfoot wants you. I hope all the people that have ideas to make Chicago better will step forward and be willing to clean house. I might also be a great chance to show all your real skills in managing, fixing, budgeting. Having a team that knows where the bodies are buried is a must. At the rate Chicago is going, you might not have a pension. I hope all the people that want a better future step forward and help. I am donating my time to fix the Department of Water Management.

Stop complaining and let’s get things the way professional corporations are run. Honesty and ethics are needed. If you do not step forward, nothing will change. You can also donate your ideas. Let’s roll Chicago!!!!!

Joe Ferguson and the Chicago I.G.

Ole Joe Ferguson wants to move up after failure at the Office of Inspector General. You would really think ole Joe would hang up his boots and just go away. Two more years are in store for all City of Chicago Employees of a silly goof that has not made any indents into any corruption at Chicago City Hall. Let’s review, I can testify Joe is a complete failure at investing actual crime scenes. Sure enough, weeks and months later, Joe and his team of high school grades, former cops, college trainees, and political appointees investigate criminal activities.

I can testify for a fact, I.G. flunkies try to skewer investigations toward the outcome they desire.  Not long ago, a Chicago Cop on the Northwest Side of Chicago attacked a crew of City Workers sent to determine the cause of his sewer backup. When the acting detective was not happy, he attacked the crew. Joe Ferguson sent out a complete idiot and he listened to the cop only. He never investigated the entire group in people that were involved. Sure enough, Ole Joe, requested the phone records of the person attacked and not the Cop that made all these wild claims. Sure enough, when the case was appealed by the Plumbers’ Union at the Chicago Personnel Board, it was dismissed.

None of the cop’s pals showed up for court, and a complete loser that made the case for Joe Ferguson already left the I.G. to work in another state. What a failure. Chicago has paid for many investigations and they end up dismissed. Joe is just a puppet for Rahm Emanuel.  Joe goes after low hanging fruit like employees that that steal time and other minor crimes. When was the last time you heard Joe Ferguson making a multi-million dollar bust? Joe Ferguson always makes time for Fran Spielman, his number one fan and WTTW Chicago tonight. Minor investigations are of no use to get Chicago’s dire financial health back in order.

Joe is attempting to sell the public he is helping the Chicago F.B.I. I guess he shuffles papers and picks up after the F.B.I. agents’ dogs. Now Joe is selling us he wants to be a States Attorney of Cook County. But he is being smug and secretive. Joe Ferguson only accomplished bulling city workers by telling them their right to remain silent means nothing. Joe scares city workers into talking to them and their crappy union representatives go along so them will not have to challenge the I.G. in court. Amazing.

If Ole Joe will run for anything but dog catcher, you can bank on me to exposing this goof. Trying to ride the wave of Chicago’s reform agenda will not allow Joe on the train. He has enough pensions now. Just let him retire.

City of Chicago Department of Water Management nightmare again

For two decades Chicago has discovered and uncovered major multi-million-dollar crimes and insider dealings. As a goodbye present, the Chicago media is allowing Rahm Emanuel a free pass out the door, claiming a “sprint to the finish line”. You can dress a poop up in a tuxedo, but the odor will always knock you out.

The City of Chicago has always placed employees at a paygrade beyond they capacity. It is not done by accident. The real insiders that control the Department of Water Management do so through a clever mix of consultants, advisors, Alderman, and advisors. The management team is always spending time infighting and wasting time checking up on crews and damage control. Then, there has been sex, drugs, and parties to calm their nerves. Promotions of grade school and high school graduates are by design. Most private companies of this budget employee the highest skilled workforce. The employees are well paid, and performance is reviewed.

When you have a situation like this, calamity rules the day. The management is always looking to put out fires and find blame for all the disasters. The management team also knows, the same people causing the problems, are the same butts they are kissing for their job. Take Alderman Edward Burke, Ole Eddy has made promotions at the Department of Water Management for decades. He also has the power to stop any promotions he does not want. We will expose the promotions Eddy made just recently.

Right now, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management is under a major investigation by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. One high ranking employee was just ousted for his alleged part in not making sure the Water Mains and Sewer Repair projects were properly installed. Most Chicago Taxpayers are not aware, the public is on the hook to replace tens of millions of dollars of water main and sewer installations that are too close together. Also, many of the “private drains” or the sewers from the house to the street failed to install ductile water main and proper fittings when crossing the potable water mains. Many contractors were smart enough to hire Mara Georges to lobby Alderman Burke (give em a cut) to handle the Legislative and Administrative issues to fix problems with the Chicago City Council.  Right now, the Department of Water Management has hired Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski, to fight any requests for information on the arrangement Connor made with CTR consulting. Also. Connor is hiding the removal of Wallace “Catfish” Davis to take the blame on the massive problem. One of the House Drain Inspectors, that was reported by Chicago Clout on the Paul Hansen assault of a homeowner, is also missing in action.

The requirement being cited requires water mains to be separated from sewers (35 IAC 653.119).  This is under Title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code (Environmental Protection), Section 653.119. 

According to a complaint made by a handsome State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector, the City of Chicago has violated Title 35 Board Rules of the Illinois Pollution Control Board. Chicago’s most powerful plumber will continue to expose the corruption and insider thefts and scams. Right now, we are investigating the lack of any pipe to make these connections. Another special emergency order is in the works, but millions of dollars of downtime are expected. If you have any 6-inch ductile water main in your inventory please contact us at Chicago Clout. We are demanding an immediate investigation in Mr. Cheeks actions in all these matters. I am certain Lori Lightfoot should be made aware of these crimes before she takes office. You can try to make up bullshit excuses Rahm Emanuel, but this will not go away. The Chicago media must do its job and expose the ongoing corruption scheme at the Department of Water Management.

Alderman Edwarts Burke defies F.B.I.

Alderman Edwarts Burke is defying the Chicago F.B.I. The Chicago Underworld supports him, but behind the shadows. Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot will put a boot in this clown’s ass, day one. Alderman Burke has a major lawsuit filed by Jay Stone, Chicago’s most powerful advocate for good government, and Patrick McDonough, Chicago’s most powerful plumber. Years before Burke was under the watchful eye of the Chicago F.B.I., a numerous amount of FOIA requests were made to make the case against the slickest crook in Chicago. Burke had a long career of skimming off the judge’s money and the workers’ compensation program designed to reward loyal alderman and mayors. The vendors that did business with Burke knew to donate an envelope or political donations.

The biggest suckers Burke ever fleeced was Star Wars creator George Lucas.

“Any alderman who’s gonna try to align themselves with Ed Burke at this time — we’re gonna make sure that gets very public and exposed . . . I’m going to do everything I can to shine a light on that,” Lightfoot told the Sun-Times.

The Chicago Special Crimes Unit will get an amazing number of files to describe how lawyers, alderman, unions, and Burke conspired to steal money from crippled City Workers and reward themselves with dirty money. The pubic got screwed by paying injured workers food bills, social security benefits, and welfare. All were involved. Hired Truck scammers were also involved.

When Lori Lightfoot shines a light in Alderman Burke’s game, he is going to lose. Now is the time reformers must go all out to remove this crook from Chicago.

Note to Chicago media, please stop calling Alderman Burke the most powerful Alderman, it is really getting old.

Lori Lightfoot wins, Big Mouth loses.

Ralph Chiczewski Chicago Department of Water Management Commissioner

What a great victory for Chicago. The Department of Water Management counted on Toni Preckwinkle to win. Rahm Emanuel placed many political hires at the DOWM to cover his banker friends when he left. We at Chicago Clout exposed the contracts and phony consultants that milk Chicago dry. What most people fail to realize, Rahm hired all these “experts” to obtain political kickbacks and do an “end run” around hiring local blacks to good paying city jobs. Many blacks and Hispanics were shut out of the gravy train so suburban political operatives could prosper.

Chicago Clout insiders were at the Lori Lightfoot victory party and I was impressed with the caliber of the attendees. These were Chicago folks of all walks of life. Many were very well educated, successful, and professional. Gone were the “Alderman Edward Burke” types, you know, high school and grade school educated, sloppy, street talkers. Burke has destroyed Chicago by stopping people’s workers compensation benefits, forcing fraud upon the taxpayers by forceing injured City workers on Social Security and food stamps. Shame on the crooks.

When you have a high caliber of attendees, you also will notice who sticks out. In attendance was Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski, a high ranking DOWM Commissioner that sneaks around while other people work hard. I was honored to attend as a member of the press at the Conrad Hilton Event. According to a DOWM insider, Ralph was sent to spy on who Lori Lightfoot had in attendance. If Toni Preckwinkle won, these employees would be fired, harassed, retaliated against, and never promoted. That is the way Chicago Old style politics works. It is all about power, getting kickbacks from contractors, selling tickets to political events, obtaining gift cards, envelopes with cash, favors, free hotel rooms, and other dirty tricks. Ralph loves his police type cruiser that he parks illegally all the time. The retired cop was a thorn in Andy Thayer’s booty years ago.

Please enjoy a picture of Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski. I hope he was at work today snitching to Commissioner Connor and other high-ranking officials. Most Commissioners were at Toni Preckwinkle’s final curtain call. Ralph’s picture reflects what a DOWM Management Commissioner looks like. Real Class? Time for Lori Lightfoot to audit all jobs, promotions, and consulting contracts. These jobs need to return to Chicago residents of all color. We also need Rahm Chiczewski to stop using Homeland Security to hide all the fraud and waste.

Is Rahm Emanuel hanging Jussie Smollett? Is Kim Foxx foolish?

Rahm Emanuel is mad, fighting mad. Some actor pretended he was attacked, and Rahm Emanuel gave this actor the star treatment, as looked like an ass. Chicago media types are falling all over themselves vilifying Jessie “Jackson” Smollett. Why?

Rahm Emanuel had international attention and wanted to look like a hero. He also wanted to embarrass President Donald Trump. Rahm and the Chicago Police are not famous for solving any crimes. Rahm does not put the Chicago Police on any cases that he deems minor. Rahm Emanuel put the full force on when it came to Jussie due to his selfish ambitions. Rahm had every intention of finding some white hillbillies and getting as much attention as he could. Rahm wanted to milk this alleged event into making himself into a hero.

It all backfired. When Kim Foxx gave Jussie Smollett a pass, Rahm Emanuel looked like a national moron. When President Donald Trump called out Emanuel, he knew how foolish Chicago and the Mayor looked. Rahm Emanuel lost all three strikes in this mess.

Not long ago, Chicago police detectives went crazy when they were trying to solve who beat up Rahm’s kid right in front of his house. The Chicago Police were at Rahm’s directive to cover-up the case and leave the case still under investigation. Rahm did not want this out what was really going on when his son went across the street. Sometimes in life a deal goes bad and you get in deeper shit than you expect. It is a lesson in life some kids learn by and some do not. The Chicago police were dispatched when they found out a video of the event surfaced and demanded to retrieve it. The Jefferson Park Police Station was popping for answers, and the two detectives came up with nothing. If they kept their mouths shut, they were both promoted by Rahm.

Rahm Emanuel misused the Chicago Police to cover-up for his kids assault, keep his kid out of hot water, and continues to misuse the police to keep the attack under wraps. Problem is, when a video was made, it might be a mistake to release the report when it is full of lies. We will see. So, Emanuel is no different is misappropriating public servants and funds to his advantage. Rahm scams eight years of political promotions and made a lifetime of deals to profit on for the rest of his life. He also enjoyed using Donald Tomczak and DOWM employees to get political power. Maybe the Chicago Press will start asking Rahm a few questions for once. Rahm Emanuel put a noose around the Chicago media, maybe they will take it off in a couple of months. Kim Foxx, tell Emanuel to kiss your azz. But never pull that stunt again. It shows just how dirty Chicago is.

Another Department of Water Management Guru Gone.

We made another phone call to the Department of Water Management media mogul Megan Vidas, an appointee of Rahm Emanuel pal and confidant David “Cocktail” Axelrod. Another day of lies, delusions, misunderstandings, and mess at the Chicago Water Department. Sure enough, the answer to all the DOWM problems was another political elitist Wallace Davis III. Since his high paying job needed expertise and education, failure was going to happen no matter what. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The DOWM has done nothing about the CTR consultants that provide jobs to Park Ridge residents like John “waffle face” Kolomay. John Kolomay an expert plumbing parts stock boy from Niles Home Depot, spends much of the day smoking parliament cigarettes and drinking Dunkin’ Donuts. How is that for value. How does a political laborer continue to soak the Water Department for more money every day? The Chicago Inspector General fears political people, that’s how. John cries and call people that expose him, “troublemakers”.  John Kolomay needs to sign in and out at the same location so people do not pay him to clown around all day while Chicago goes into bankruptcy. Nice scam folks.

If John Kolomay wants to live in Park Ridge, he should quit his job and find a job in the suburbs.

Today, you can pay Wallace another $50.00 for the last time. He is going to join many contractors and city employees for his final goodbye. I attempted to contact him, but the tradition of swiping in the last day and going home is still in effect. I spoke to his assistant that can not find him. I expect Randy Connor and the rest of the DOWM to explain why this man is leaving and what his involvement with CTR and the sewer lining program led to his, “retirement”. Chicago taxpayers are tired of the lies and hiding behind homeland security to steal from honest taxpayers. Enough is enough. I though he was going to get it when a high-ranking lady left out of his house a few years ago in the morning. We know, more on this later. Enjoy the party, the new Mayor needs to clean out the DOWM.

Grumpy Edward Burke and Prickwinkle

Preckwinkle and Burke

Then-Ald. Toni Preckwinkle, 4th, and Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, chat during a Chicago City Council meeting in 2007. Now a mayoral candidate, Preckwinkle has sought to minimize her ties to him. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune)

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle laid off hundreds of workers after her controversial pop tax was repealed in fall 2017, but one county employee who didn’t lose his job was Edward Burke Jr.

Burke had been hired at the county’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department a few years earlier after Preckwinkle met with Burke’s then-powerful alderman father about opportunities for his son. And when the layoffs came, two employees who were being paid partly with federal grant funds were let go, while Burke Jr.’s salary was moved off of county funding and onto the federal grant, the Tribune found.

This is a taste of the Chicago Tribune article that shows how Burke the briber gets his power and the Chicago taxpayers get the bill. Burke must go to jail and not get special treatment. More on the Chicago Department of Water Management, Committee on Finance, Department of Finance, and Prickwinkle ties soon. I am glad the Trib is taking off where the Sun-Times retired. Buy your tribune for the rest of the story.