Ad shames Chicago Unions into action

Chicago Unions sit on the sidelines until Union and Mayor-controlled newspapers expose possible full and half-page ads. Unions were exposed doing nothing as their members were forced to take Covid-19 shots. Chicago Clout with a 20,000 dollars ad purchase was stopped in their tracks from union and City Hall’s opposition. Here is the ad Chicago Unions stopped.

Dear Chicago Taxpayers

Many Chicago Employees have proudly and professionally served the citizens. We are helping you at your worst and your best. We are providing for you in the dead of winter and the blistering heat. Twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Many Chicago Workers are hurt, severely injured, permanently crippled, and even die.

An employee’s reward is the denial of claims, harassment, and retaliation. Chicago weaponizes the Inspector General and multi-million dollar law firms to drag claims on for years and decades. Many disabled workers live in cars under bridges, are homeless, and eat out of dumpsters. Chicago employees are unable to claim social security and unemployment when injured. Unions fail to fight for these employees.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused massive injuries to Chicago City Employees. Unions, such as Plumbers’ Local 130 gave a 79 cent cloth mask to last until the ordeal ended. The City denies these claims. No PPE. Employee records changed to different medical diagnoses. FOIA requests are denied for no reason. Illinois Department of Labor refuses to enforce safety rules.

I hope when you think proud employees want to make their own decisions on the Vaccine, they have earned the right. Private Workers Compensation records are routinely shared within departments. Workers still have Constitutionally protected rights, and they should be observed. “Let’s GO LORI,” back off.

Patrick McDonough Chicago Clout