Chicago Private Tow Companies get off easier than this City Worker

Pease read Mark Brown's article on the punishment of a Chicago City Worker. As a Chicago City Worker, I will explain what really happened. A politician and candidate for Cook Country States Attorney parked her car illegally. She was at a political event. She is a lawyer and knows the law does not provide for the poor and unprotected. She got her car towed. Her political friends that protect each other, win or lose made the call for her car. The tow was a "mistake" because she is more important than the average taxpayer. The call was made to high ranking political city employees that know they need to break the rules because of the possible political backlash if they refuse a favor. The tow truck driver is blamed. He panics because of the impending punishment, and needing to make a payment on his bills he is behind on, tries to get some help from someone that just got a big favor. Remember when you were a child and got in trouble, you sometimes get in more trouble trying to get out of trouble. Well Pete Paglivco has no power and realized the power of Anita Alvarez and his bosses. Just to make the matters worse, they are going to attack Pete with the Chicago Inspector General. The Inspector General hoping to make a good impression on the inevitable new States Attorney should make a hell of an example of Pete Pagliuco. And the politicians will not need to remind the new States Attorney of the Chicago Political Culture. It is about the favors and privilege. And Mark Brown could had gave them hell, but gave Anita an out. Inspect the favors given to Anita, Mr. Hoffman!!! Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Chicago Private Tow Companies get off easier than this City Worker”

Chicago Building Department railroaded Inspector Charles Walker

Inspector Charles Walker.jpg
On January of 2007, lawyers from the City of Chicago railed against a Building Inspector for leaving jobsite a “Menace to the public”. I was at the hearing of Charles Walker, the City of Chicago lawyers spoke with great passion about the horrible job by Charles Walker when he inspected the property at 937 West Belmont. They went to the site and condemned Charles Walker. Charles Walker was an easy hit because a child died after a prior inspection, a girl fell through a porch rail. I guess Charles Walker should have tested every rail on a building he inspected. This expectation is completely ridicules and unreasonable. If you want to prosecute Mr. Walker, than the Lawyers for the Chicago Corporation Counsel need to be terminated also. Mr. Inspector General, please fire Angela Thomas and Anna D’Ascenzo, the lawyers that insisted termination is the fair price. Under oath they went to the site on 937 West Belmont and made the case the building needed repairs immediately. They and others in the Building Department swore under oath Charles Walker put Chicago Citizens life on the line. Now that the smoke is settled and a year has passed by, why is this building, which is in worse condition than before, still not repaired? Why has the City of Chicago done nothing about the 311 complaints filed by the CTA employees next to this building? The view when Charles went to the site was blocked by tarps, now it wide open. I suggest Charles Walker’s case was fixed, what do you think? Photo by Patrick McDonough on 2/23/2008

Get back to the Central District Mr. James Stroden

James Stroden.jpg
This morning, the Chicago Department of Water Management Central District lost one of its most valuable assets, James Stroden. James Stroden had a wonderful table of donuts, bagels; loyal employees were sad and upset at his transfer to the South District. The Central District oversees some of the most critical real estate in the City of Chicago, including Chicago’s Downtown. I am concerned when an employee that has the commanding respect, admiration, and loyalty from employees, changes command to a less important battlefield. I know when James Stroden ordered you to an assignment his intentions were honorable. When you brought an issue or concern to his attention, you would get a straight answer, like it or not. I only remember one employee that had a gripe with him, but the disagreement was treated with utmost respect and resolved. I admit he is a great leader and a wonderful family man, maybe he should move out of the 11th Ward. (Joking) Good luck and God Speed Mr. James Stroden. Patrick McDonough

Chicago Drinking Water for children deadly? Whistleblower punished again by Mayor Daley?

Chicago Plumbing Inspector Michael McGann hired Frank Avila Jr. as his lawyer. What is Plumber's Local 130 doing about this unfair punishment? The shameful treatment to a professional Chicago employee doing the right thing needs further investigation. Chicago Sun-Times superstar Fran Spielman hits the nail on the head. JONATHON BRANDMEIER attempted to contact Michael McGann, but this is not a joke. Chicago school children deserve clean drinking water like the rich white kids. Read Fran Spielman's take below, Patrick McDonough Continue reading “Chicago Drinking Water for children deadly? Whistleblower punished again by Mayor Daley?”

Chicago's Saint Patrick's Queen 2008 (Eileen on left)

Chicago St. Patrick Queen.jpg
Plumber’s Local 130 and the Plumbing Council of Chicagoland picked a pretty polish girl from Park Ridge, Illinois to become the Chicago Saint Patrick’s Queen for 2008. Eileen Kapolnek looked very nice. She accepted the crown from Julie Ann Venci, the Italian winner from last year. In fairness to the girls, James Sullivan should not allow the ladies younger than 21 to enter since they have no chance to win. The contest is great for a young lady that is not 100% Irish to enter. Photo by Patrick McDonough.