Victor P. Henderson exposes Department of Water Management again

Carrie Austin’s puppet Commissioner Randy “Albozo” Conner

Victor P. Henderson, Attorney for Henderson Parks, LLC is again going to expose more of the racism at the Department of Water Management at a press conference Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at his offices at 140 South Dearborn Street Suite 1020 in Chicago, Illinois. I am hoping all my members of the Chicago press attend and expose at the ongoing ways the Chicago Department of Water Management continues to be a pawn for the white power elite of Chicago. The Department of Water Management has placed people in powerful positions to continue the secret theft of millions of dollars in contracts, promotions, workers compensation fraud. The first people to out the DOWM was Frank Coconate a safety specialist. Safety specialists were ordered to go after blacks and whistleblowers injured on the job. Whites were given immediate treatment and workers compensation benefits with large settlements.

A lawsuit filed by advocate Jay Stone and City Plumber Patrick McDonough exposed Alderman Edward Burke 14th ward and lead to his demise. A new revised federal lawsuit is in order including many more injured workers. Attorneys are being advised of the strategy.

Many Chicago Unions were sued in the past, such as Plumbers’ Local 130. Racism is a way to control blacks and keep them from having a good life. Unions have failed to protect members and were more worried about making millions from judge making and providing members to assist Alderman and Mayors for leverage.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot needs to step in and make right all the suffering blacks have gotten from the Chicago water department. Blacks in power told what to do and how to do it is making a mockery of progress. Democrats in the newspaper blame Trump for everything, but they need to take this one and answer for it. If you look at all the millions of consulting contracts at the DOWM, you will see most blacks get nothing but crumbs. Contact Mr. Henderson at 312.262.2900 asap to attend.

Chicago Water Department forces out LGBTQ Leader

The City of Chicago Department of Water Management has lost a black woman, a former member of the U.S. Naval Forces, respected leader, and a member of the LGBTQ community. This is one amazing Chief Engineer of the Eugene Sawyer Water Plant in Chicago Illinois. After a blazing career with the DOWM for 19 years and 11 months, with no discipline or trouble, the tables quickly turned.

Katherine Ealy felt the retaliation of the Paul Hansen emails that scorned gays, blacks, and minorities. Working for the City of Chicago when whites have power is no easy task. White are documented racists and held power by writing up blacks and others they consider undesirable, by writing them up just before a job posting. It was not until the email scandal did Katherine Ealy rise to power and assume command of one of the major water purification plants in Chicago.

Katherine Ealy was a poster child of successful black women in Chicago. The Department of Water Management felt they were duped into giving a lady this power, and no sooner than obtaining the position, did the following employees plot her demise;

Commissioner Randy Conner, Deputy Commissioner John Pope, first deputy Julie “Ho-Ho’ Hernandez-Tomlin, and Marisol Santiago, were all working to limit her authority and make her life a living hell. This is an old trick in the department so they can give the job to someone they wanted to give the job to in the first place. Micromanaging a person leaves the job promotion with no value. Undermining a person’s authority causes nothing but problems. The Department of Water Management is notorious for giving power to people and then undermining them.

Kathleen was loved and admired at the water plant. She was well respected and considered a leader that would supervise the needed repairs to make the water in Chicago safe again. Kathleen was recognized by the U.S. Navy as an outstanding Sailor.

You think the water department would go out of their way to provide leadership tools and training to make Katherine flourish. The DOWM had an outstanding exemplary employee that was forced out by power-hungry whites and Hispanics that refuse to give an LGBTQ person the chance to reflect on the victory of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

I am certain the Federal Lawsuit filed by powerhouse Attorney Victor Henderson of Henderson Parks had much to do with the onslaught of harassment and retaliation experienced by Katherine. The five days of disciple given to her is unheard of in whites power circles. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s staff is aware of this attack on a woman. It can not be tolerated any longer. If you think the Department of Water Management is something to be proud of, you are as backward as the fools that took over for the old racists. I hope the Commissioner shows some thought and refuse a resignation and has Sharon Jackson of the Jardine personnel department tear up that letter. It is time for the hate and polices of old to stop ruining the department.

Remember, you get a lot more from employees when you treat them right. We ain’t stupid, we see what you do.

Chicago Police escort Patrick McDonough around City Hall looking for files

Thanks to my Chicago Police Friends for the great treatment

July 19, 2019

When Chicago’s most famous Plumber went to Chicago City Hall to obtain records from the Department of Finance on 3M, the lackeys from Old Alderman’s Burke team went cray cray. The receptionist panicked and ran inside the offices. I was asked to wait and was relieved they did not send out the last clown that jammed a badge in my face.

The all-new and improved Workers’ Compensation employees should all be on the unemployment line thanks to a Federal lawsuit Jay Stone and I filed. The lawsuit ended up helping Lori Lightfoot become Mayor and start need reforms. The City lawyers that said they are not changing W/Comp in Chicago, were forced due to the Mayor’s demands.

Not long ago, I requested information on my W/ Comp file and was stalled by the DOF FOIA officer. The FOIA’s in the past made way for their former boss to enjoy a nice stay in the pokey. Another Federal Lawsuit is in the works soon.

As I waited for the FOIA Officer, the Chicago Police were sent to follow me around to City Hall offices. The two police officers were very professional and deserve credit for outstanding behavior. I wish to thank Chicago Police Officer McHugh and his assistant.

I was escorted to the DOF 7th floor and the FOIA Officer was hiding. The receptionist was awesome but nervous when the police escorted me in. I ended up giving my police credentials and off the officers went. I then went to see Alderman Wagnespac.

Alderman Burke and his losers can start all the trouble they want, they can delay all they want, but they will not stop me. You just never know who a person really is until it is too late. Who took the paper off the doors? The Feds are not done yet. HaHa.

One comment at the Department of Water Management ignites a firestorm

Riding with the boss can be profitable for some General Superintendents

While getting ready to check out from work on June 4, 2019, a Chicago Water Department woman made a comment regarding a suspicious promotion made at the Jardine Plant. When the City of Chicago makes promotions in the past, you “got under the desk”. To this day, women are mistreated by male bosses with plenty of political power to expect lunch to include buns for their hotdog. Many of these bosses were switched out to other departments when the sexual harassment claims arrived. The Water Department has also failed to protect women.

I have many interesting stories about promotions that are ready for press, but a quick story to wet your whistle is in order.

On June 4, 2019, Maria Garza, a thirty-year veteran made a quip about Jessica Bellows recent promotion. Jessica Richardson Bellows, known as a real blowhard, became upset when she overheard some innocent comments and overreacted. Jessica ran towards Maria and verbally assaulted her. If Jessica thinks she got a promotion on merit, and not those rides with Commissioner Conner to “events”, she is sadly mistaken. I will get into the massive pay raise Jessica got to watch the Leak Desk employees. I guess the DOWM Management needs interference when phone calls about drunk hit and run drivers at the DOWM are made. I assure you; taxpayers should not pay a massive dough for an unqualified blow-up doll to watch incoming phone calls.

Jessica wrote up Maria, maybe thinking no one has the right to think a promotion at the DOWM was made other than by merit. Workers have the right to speak their mind when they have worked somewhere for a long time. Lets, face it, Conner is an old political hack sent by Alderman Austin. Conner is hanging by a thread until Burke explains the Old Post Office Deal.

Please watch and see if Maria Garza is given time off. I hope she sues the DOWM and makes an Illinois Department of Human Rights complaint. Violence in the workplace complaints will be made, they will be covered up, and life goes on. Chicago Police Department complaints will be filed, and then covered up.

In Jessica’s recent promotion, she proclaims she knows all about pipe and how it is installed. She does. She also was the point person for Inspector General Joe Ferguson and make sure investigations were taken care of.  It is time to fire Femi Sokoya, Randy Conner, and Jessica, and Ms. Hernandez-Tomlin.

We are watching this B.S. and will go into detail soon. Streets and Sanitation guy stick together, Robert Richardson must be proud.

Luis “Daddy’s Boy” Arroyo Jr. busted

Luis Arroyo Jr.

Luis Arroyo Jr. is doing the same shit all City many Chicago Department of Water Management employees perfect, corruption. Luis was well known for having a real gravy job sitting in the North District teamster’s office waiting to go out and drive a truck. Yes, Luis is a truck driver at the Water Department. Luis was fixing a ticket, and this is not the only one. This is theft. Yes, theft. Chicago is broke, Cook County is a mess. Politics is a mess in Cook County. The Corruption from top-down.

I suggest Luis is returned to Chicago to drive a truck and step down as a Cook County Commissioner. Another prime failure of the Chicago Political system. Shame. Don’t worry Luis, you seat in the North District will be kept warm for you. You will not even need a CDL License anyway.

Killing Birds at the Department of Water Management

Many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees care about nature. Many are just brutes that purposely kill animals to take out their frustrations. Not long ago a Department of Water Management employee under the control of Commissioner “Coo Coo” Conner, took a pole and dislodged birds making nests above the entrance of the Eugene Sawyer Water Treatment Plant. A pole was used to dislodge the little fellas because the worker was pissed the bird crapped on his shoulder a few days prior. Look shorty, a little bird shit on your shirt is not the end of the world. The workers flew into a rage and then plotted and planned on how to kill the birds.

Originally the entire thing was covered up by the DOWM and the Security Department sat on the case. Things escalated when reports were made to Chicago Clout, the Sun-Times and the Federal Government. This case is getting hotter by the second as Mayor Lori Lightfoot can not allow the Water Department to continue as a wild west show.

Lining up the birds and killing them is a new low for the Department of Water Management. When you hire alcoholics, partiers, and low life to run the place, this is what happens when you hire scumbags. Read the story here,  Fran Spielman deserves an award for exposing these rats. Many hard-working employees are dirtied by the same trash that get political jobs. I am demanding Commissioner Conner is fired now.

I hope Joe Lynch can explain how to oil the eggs of birds that migrate from Canada. The Geese sit on the eggs for months and they never hatch. Also, they killed birds at the Jardine Plant for years, they went on the roof and exterminated them.

Chicago Homeland Security Violations DOWM

Commissioner sends friends truck to Homeland security property

The City of Chicago has a standing order to make absolute certain no unwanted vehicles or people are on the property. Ralph “Chicklets” Chiczewski has standing orders to make sure only businesses that know the game are on the property. On June 25, 2019, a food truck was sent to the rear of the Sawyer Water Plant to serve some vittles for the employees of the Department of Water Management. The hours were from 10:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Unfortunately, the food was being served at the very back of the plant to avoid any violations of Homeland security protocols. Chicago Plant police were upset because they were unable to protect Chicago Citizens in case of a security breach.

On the menu was a feast:

“The Conner” a real fat sandwich loaded with backfat, grizzle, grease, butter, oil. The sandwich was a real “smash”.

“The Ralph”, the sandwich loaded with tons of grease. After finishing up that whopper, it will show itself out of both ends before you make it out of the parking lot.

“The Julie-in fries”. The get under the desk special if ever there was one. Goes down the throat as slippery as an eel. Heavy on the salt and garlic that makes everyone in the office happy as hell.

The Pope-Cycle”. Enjoy an extra thick popsicle with a creamy white inside. The more you suck on this chilly treat the more you can experience different flavors. Like a new popsicle every hour. With some people only one popsicle is enough, but the girth on this big boy is for those who demand more. Get in line to lick this bad boy.

As for Safety and Homeland Security? It is only water.