LIghtfoot in driver’s seat as more Chicago Workers die of Covid-19 Teamsters need to stomp some heads.

Many City of Chicago employees are a cold as a cadaver thanks to the failures of Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her midget sidekick CDPH Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D. The two twins made idiots of themselves recently with their stupid hero costumes. Could you imagine Rahm Emanuel as “Captain Schlep” saving Chicago from Covid-19? Mayor Lightfoot is still self-serving her attempt to move up the democratic party money chain.

Facts, since the onset of the Chicago Covid-19, Mayor Lightfoot has ordered Chicago City Workers to continue to serve Chicago taxpayers in an unprepared and unsafe manner. It stuns me no Chicago Newspapers have demanded Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to save city workers from this ravishing virus.

One section, the Department of Water Management, still hit the hardest is the Teamsters. The Chicago drivers were herded into the Foreman’s office every morning and afternoon to receive assignments. Also, some foreman contacted Covid-19 and spread it to their drivers. Some foreman contacted Covid-19 and caused the death of those they were trusted to lead. Mayor Lightfoot had no plan and isolate the drivers. Many of these drivers at lunch together, talk and bullshit, exposing themselves and their families. The Drivers had an agreement to only have one passenger according to the Mayor’s Office. He said the Drivers were allowing additional workers in the cab during the day and Foreman were in and out of the cab to bullshit. Chicago does not demand workers have drivers licenses as a condition of employment.

Streets and Sanitation have enforced the rules.

I asked the COC to stop swiping with Kronos. The hands of the infected spread the Covid-19. The City refused to stop this deadly practice due to their paranoia of anyone stealing an extra hour of two. The COC does not mind paying week after week, one million plus for workers sitting at home. Silly.

Many Unions, such as Local 130, only provided some dirt-cheap cloth face masks that cost $1.49 each. All of us know these masks endangered Plumbers into a false sense of security. You think the past record of not protecting workers would wake them up, but they need to pay political hacks like John C. D’Amico to stay and home and fart around. Not bad for a State rep double dipping.

Local 130 Plumbers and some Hoisting engineers refused to drive their own cars because they are too cheap, have DUI’s, or come to work wasted. Lori Lightfoot still refuses to order random drug tests workers because the Unions are paying her political bills. Many Laborers are stuck riding the trucks because they have no money for bus fare, taxis, or other alternative transportation. This again is exposing all workers to Covid-19. Many Laborers, Plumbers, Hoisting Engineers, and office workers are exposed every day because Lightfoot is too cheap to pay for needed PPE. Where are the visits from the Illinois Department of labor? Where is the DOWM Safety Department? Where are the Union Reps? Are they all hiding in John D’Amico’s basement?

I have witnessed some bad news and I am reporting to Lori and Ms. Sheahan at the Mayor’s Office. On almost every inspection I have witnessed, not a single worker has worn their PPE. These videos are going to the right hands. Some bosses are dishing out the days off and I hope some people get the message. When a driver gets Covid-19, the General Superintendents must order the private firms to sanitize the trucks. Some trucks are required for multiple shifts, and the North District like G.S. Sorich have been accused of being cheap and not taking adequate measure to protect the workers. Some G.Ss. have been telling workers if they file a workers’ compensation claim, they will be blacklisted or fired. One G.S. told workers, the Covid-19 is like Herpes Simplex, it will never go away. Some G.S. tell workers, “you get paid to sleep it off at home, so man up”. Facts are, in all the investigations I have been on, the crews are way too close and forget the risks.

Bosses Like Dwayne Hightower have been giving time to workers off for non-compliance. I am going to give him a star. Mr. Hightower has always been an enforcer; I am glad I was not in his sights. Chicago has only given one cloth mask. Just recently, DOWM has finally given workers cloth masks. Another employee on the hot seat for her alleged cover-ups of workers’ compensation, Olufemi O Sokoya is getting the job done on Covid-19 safety. So far, the Department of Water Management needs ti make sure they are in full compliance with OSHA and the Illinois Department of Labor, or more heads are going to roll. If Olufemi has time to cover-up FOIA Laws and attempt to remove injured workers to jobs they are not released to do, she is going to become a internet sensation.

So, separate all the employees. Separate cars, separate eating, always separate. Do not destroy and entire family by being stupid. Work out of your cars, video is in the yards. Test employees. Stop the Kronos. Despite the fact federal, state, and local employees are exempt from privacy laws, stop the Kronos. Get the proper masks.

Closing: The Vactors are aerating feces and waste. They create mists that workers inhale. If you have clout, get off the Vactor truck. If you do not, contact me. Out testing shows Covid-19 is in the Chicago Sewer System. We are forwarding our test results to Mayor Larry Lightfoot.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot drags on dead city worker’s lawsuit

Many City of Chicago lawsuits from workers’ compensation continue to drag on as Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to accept massive amounts of political donations from law firms. I have made many complaints to the Chicago Inspector General, the Federal OSHA. ,and the Illinois Department of Labor. The Department of Water Management just started to drag trench boxes to jobsites again. They left them in the Sunnyside Yard for a long time not knowing they were being followed.

When the Inspector came out in public, the crews started to bring the shoring out to jobsites but not installing them in the trenches. The foreman are still filing false reports shorting the depth of the excavations. The trench boxes are still attached to the rear of the service trucks. Also, excavations were being altered when the investigators showed up.

I was sad to learn the City of Chicago has not settled the lawsuit filed by the estate and widow of Konrad Tucharski. Konrad died completing a secret emergency sewer job for the clout heavy white folks in Sauganash.  They were working day and night to get this job done. No limits on overtime. Hmmmm. According to one laborer that refused to be identified, said the water department supervisors quickly added shoring after the death of Konrad. The fire department left the scene and then plates were added. The Department of Water Management is a disgrace. The Water Department hired lots more safety inspectors and the same crap is going on. Illinois Suit 2017-L-008009

According to a source, Lightfoot has ordered all workers’ compensation cases and cases of injuries to be put off as long as possible. Companies that are also getting sued like Ty Lin International might not like the added publicity the Chicago Law Department is attracting. Powerhouse law firms like Goldberg Segalla LLP might need to put in overtime as things are progressing. I am certain Mayor Lori Lightfoot would not like a widow left to starve with children. If you know the high ranking hoisting engineer that was working the pump for double time, please tell him to take a little time off to answer his phone.

All Chicago City Workers bring guns to work now. Not Cops.

I suggest each and every City of Chicago employee enjoy the benefits the Federal ruling has given us. Even if you are not a sworn Police Officer, bring your gun. When we have Political Powerhouses leading the way, everyone benefits. I do not suggest you shoot a young Hispanic mom with a baby in the car for throwing a soda pop in your car, but this is Chicago. Major loss for Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her phony narratives. Light um up.

Mayor Lightfoot violates the Open Meeting Act to land Joliet contract

The Illinois Open Meetings Act covers all “public bodies.” The term “public body” includes

all legislative, executive, administrative or advisory bodies of the State, counties, townships, cities, villages, incorporated towns, school districts and all other municipal corporations, boards, bureaus, committees or commissions of this State, and any subsidiary bodies of any of the foregoing including but not limited to committees and subcommittees which are supported in whole or in part by tax revenue, or which expend tax revenue, except the General Assembly and committees or commissions thereof.